Year: 2021

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Ortus Chats with Giuseppe Caltabiano, Senior Director of Marketing at Rock Content

GIUSEPPE CALTABIANO Senior Director of Marketing | Rock Content Giuseppe Caltabiano, Senior Director of Marketing at Rock Content, talks to The Ortus Club’s Hannah Hodkinson about the essentials of an effective long-term marketing strategy as well as the importance of flexibility and creativity in marketing. To watch Giuseppe's interview, you can subscribe to our Ortus [...]
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Advice shared by C-level marketing professionals for 2022

In preparation for 2022, C-level marketing professionals have shared their wisdom with The Ortus Club. The past year taught us much more than anyone could have anticipated. We’re looking forward to more exciting times ahead, keeping this high-level executives’ advice in mind.   Master the basics 'As a marketer, it’s all about understanding the customer's [...]
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Here’s What C-Level Executives Expect in Networking Events

A C-level executive’s time is sparse, and their attention is in high demand. With this in mind, it’s crucial to meet your guests’ expectations when hosting a roundtable discussion. Here’s what C-level executives are likely to expect from networking events.   A timely and well-organised agenda Guests cannot afford to spend upwards of an hour [...]
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Ortus Chats with Dennis Wakabayashi, Global Marketing Influencer at Wakabayashi Experience

DENNIS WAKABAYASHI Global Marketing Influencer | Wakabayashi Experience Dennis Wakabayashi, Chief Collaboration Officer of Wakabayashi Experience, talks to The Ortus Club’s Roman Manuel about the role of a global marketing influencer as well as the importance of collaboration, diversity, and passion within an organisation. To watch Dennis' interview, you can subscribe to our Ortus Chats [...]
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6 Easy Roundtable Discussion Mistakes

When it comes to hosting knowledge-sharing roundtables, most organisers commit common mistakes unknowingly. It takes more than just sending out Zoom links or booking a location to guarantee the event’s success. Create an engaging learning environment by remembering these six must-avoid errors.   Mistake #1: Being too focused on a topic But isn’t the point [...]