Month: July 2021

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Ortus Chats with Hanns Schempp, Founder of Miota

HANNS SCHEMPP Founder | Miota Hanns Schempp, the founder and CMO of Miota talks to The Ortus Club’s Hannah Hodkinson about the latest marketing trends, his interesting outlook on virtual events, and the biggest career advice he can give as a seasoned marketing leader. To watch Hanns' interview, you can subscribe to our Ortus Chats interview [...]
Ciara Manalansan work Blog  Careers

Meet Ciara Manalansan, Operations

When first joining The Ortus Club’s marketing team in 2020, Martie took on big responsibilities including interviewing c-level executives and acting as the brand voice on social media. Now, as Partnerships Manager, she continues to build strong business relationships by securing exclusive event venues and service providers across the globe.