Month: August 2021

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Ringside seats: virtual fatigue vs virtual roundtables

Conquering virtual fatigue through virtual roundtable best practices Virtual fatigue has become increasingly ubiquitous ever since the world of B2B human interaction shifted overnight, from shaking hands in conferences to exchanging Zoom meeting links in emails. The overwhelming exhaustion of excessive online activities now poses a major threat to the hosting and organisation of virtual [...]
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Ortus Chats with Siddharth Asokan, CMO of Softwire

SIDDHARTH ASOKAN CMO | Softwire Siddharth Asokan, the CMO of Softwire, talks to The Ortus Club’s Austen Clark about combatting virtual fatigue, creating quality interaction, and building a great team dynamic as a marketing leader. To watch Siddharth's interview, you can subscribe to our Ortus Chats interview series on Youtube. You can also listen to [...]
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Here’s Why Withholding Information Doesn’t Always Mean Competitive Advantage

When it comes to industry competition, withholding information has always been considered a powerful impetus for competitive advantage. Companies are solving their own problems and are discussing key issues internally whilst keeping a close eye on the other players in their field. It’s always been “Us vs. Them” and “Our secret vs. Their secret.” But [...]
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Ortus Chats with Jeremy Bevan, Founder of PurposeRocks

JEREMY BEVAN Founder | PurposeRocks Jeremy Bevan, the founder, marketing executive, CMO, and transformational leader at PurposeRocks talks to The Ortus Club’s Hannah Hodkinson about the art of purposeful marketing, his love for coaching and the future of engaging events. To watch Jeremy’s interview, you can subscribe to our Ortus Chats interview series on Youtube. [...]