5 Ways to Engage Hybrid Event Attendees

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Gone are the days when audiences were limited to the four walls of a conference hall; today’s events blend in-person and virtual elements with hybrid event networks. This innovative networking event format caters to the needs and preferences of both in-person and online attendees to create a memorable, unique experience.

Although highly revolutionary, this integration of virtual events and in-person gatherings also brings forth a challenge—how do you keep both audiences engaged and ensure a consistent, captivating experience? Read the blog below to learn 5 ways you should consider to answer the question of how to engage hybrid networking event attendees.

5 Ways to Engage Hybrid Events Audiences

Navigating hybrid event networks requires a mix of innovation and interactivity. Amidst the blend of virtual event screens and in-person venues, how do you ensure consistent engagement? The section below explains how interactive elements amplify the attendee experience in hybrid networking events.

1. Interactive Chat

Attendees mingle, discuss sessions, and share insights in hallways during traditional networking events. Recreate those experiences by enabling an interactive chat for virtual events. Doing so gives attendees a space to share their thoughts and questions and engage with speakers and other participants in real-time. Doing so fosters a sense of community for your event network and keeps the virtual attendees as involved as the ones on-site.

Getting the most out of interactive features

Create separate chat channels or dedicate specific times during or after presentations for a Q&A via chat to empower attendees to be active participants rather than passive viewers during your networking event. Doing so also helps attendees join discussions that pique their interest to simulate participants’ focused conversations during a physical networking event.

Consider a chat moderator

An event network chat can quickly become chaotic with many participants. A moderator can steer conversations, highlight important comments, and ensure the chat remains relevant and respectful. Having a moderator present also ensures that any tech issues, from participants struggling with access to buffering streams, are addressed promptly.

2. Polls and Quizzes

Integrating polls and quizzes into your networking event sessions allows you to gauge attendee interest, gather feedback, and make your presentations more dynamic. This real-time interaction ensures your in-person and virtual attendees stay attentive and feel involved in the content you deliver.


Polls allow you to tap into the pulse of your audience. Whether you’re gauging their opinions on a topic or understanding their preferences, polls provide instant feedback to inform your networking event strategies. Doing so not only lets you tailor your content on the fly but also gives attendees a sense that their voices are being heard.


Quizzes are a fun and engaging way to reinforce information. By introducing quizzes at strategic points of your networking event, you can ensure that attendees are absorbing the material and can identify areas that may need revisiting.

3. Virtual Photo Booths

Setting up a virtual photo booth can offer attendees a fun and interactive break during your networking event. With custom backgrounds, filters, and event branding, participants can snap pictures and share their experiences on social media. In turn, this offers an engaging blend of physical and virtual possibilities that increases the visibility of your event network.

4. Hands-on Materials

Event materials serve as tangible elements that connect your virtual attendees to the in-person event, making them feel included and invested. For those joining virtually, consider sending out a package of hands-on materials relevant to the event—a workshop kit, printed guides, or even branded merchandise. A goodie bag or hands-on workshop materials can enhance the event network experience for in-person attendees.

5. Rewards and Prizes

By offering rewards or prizes for participation, whether through answering questions, participating in polls, or engaging on social media, you encourage active involvement during your networking event. This approach gamifies the event network experience to keep in-person and virtual attendees eager to participate and stay connected.

Plan Engaging Hybrid B2B Events with The Ortus Club

The fusion of digital and physical experiences with hybrid networking events offers unparalleled opportunities for engagement, interaction, and lasting impact. However, the key to unlocking this potential lies in utilising innovative strategies and tools that prioritise participant engagement.

At The Ortus Club, we understand the nuances of curating event networks that resonate. Our commitment to fostering meaningful conversations and connections is at the forefront of our approach. Partnering with a seasoned expert in events marketing like us ensures that every detail, from interactive sessions to audience engagement, is meticulously crafted for success. Contact us today to learn more about your next successful hybrid networking event!


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