A Thousand Victories and a Hundred-Strong: The Ortus Success Story

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The transition from face-to-face events to their virtual counterparts has come as a digital shock to many businesses. The challenge was predominantly found in translating human connection and engagement to an online setting. Companies are now experimenting with new online features and strategies to improve customer experience and engagement, albeit projected from a screen. But it was far from smooth sailing. Like in any young event marketing agency, early operations were fraught with uncertainty and the constant need to improvise.

The Ortus Club Celebration 2

Luckily, our team was sufficiently prepared to navigate a yet undeveloped industry, and B2B marketing would never be the same again.

From our 1st ever event in Sydney, Australia with KMC Savills to our 1,000th event in New York City, US with Clevertap, our mission has remained unchanged. The Ortus Club is an event marketing agency here to redefine how businesses build relationships—and what strides we’ve made. Our clients now enjoy a proven service that boasts a state-of-the-art guesting process, content of the highest quality, access to the most sophisticated venues and cuisines around the world, proficient moderators and masters of ceremonies, unique and exciting add-ons for virtual events, and more. To think we could achieve so much in only a few years, and throughout a pandemic, would surprise even the most seasoned executive

But it’s the company culture that was the key winner in this journey. After all, knowledge sharing isn’t rocket science, but The Ortus Club simply manages to do it better than most, and it shows in the confidence that each team member embodies, from our first official employee, a Content Writer, to our most recent hires, who have gone on to become incredible Guesting Directors and respectable Team Leaders. Recognition of the value we deliver as aN event marketing agency is stronger than ever, with collaboration and innovation at heart.

Undoubtedly, The Ortus Club’s future shines bright as we welcome even more business, talent, and growth. Competition in the event marketing agency space is heating up as well, but we’re more than ready for a challenge. Our history speaks for itself, so here’s to our 2,000th event and 200th employee. They can’t come sooner.

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