Meet The Team

Samuel Adcock

Managing Partner

Jess Circi

Managing Partner

Anya Africa

Head of Operations Activities

Joined on January 2021

Jamie Aclan

Head of Finance

Joined on June 2018

Mozes Janse

Head of Events Logistics

Joined on September 2023

Mara De La Paz

Head of Performance, Global

Joined on April 2016

Driton Hyseni

Head of Kosovo and Performance West

Joined on September 2021

Miguel Babasa

Head of IT

Joined on January 2021

Flandra Sadiku

Head of Strategic Growth

Joined on January 2022

Marcella Tortora

Head of Sales, West

Joined on September 2020

Yoko Manzano

Head of Sales, East

Joined on February 2018