Case Study: AWS

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AWS Case Study

The Client

AWS started providing enterprise solutions in IT infrastructure in 2016. These web services (now known as cloud computing) have enabled businesses to leverage scalable innovations in computing with low variable costs as a more effective replacement for up-front capital infrastructure expenses. By integrating cloud services, organisations can set up hundreds of servers and produce results faster—and cheaper.

AWS now powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries worldwide with its reliable, scalable, and low-cost cloud infrastructure platform. Their data centres in the US, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, and Australia cater to customers across all industries. Equipped with multiple certified layers of operational and physical security measures, AWS data centres and cloud infrastructure guarantee the safety and integrity of customer data.

Through AWS, businesses enjoy a more scalable, more agile global cloud infrastructure that empowers quicker application innovation, experimentation, iteration, and deployment. AWS is also accessible through any programming language and operating system, thus allowing customers to choose the development platform or programming language best suited to their business needs. These benefits are available at lower costs with AWS’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, which foregoes up-front expenses and long-term commitments.

Why Ortus?

The Ortus Club collaborated with AWS to expand discourses on the benefits of cloud, AI/ML, and metaverse solutions across APAC and ASEAN.

Over nine months, The Ortus Club engaged with hundreds of business leaders from different sectors to tackle various trends and challenges in enterprise data migration, zero trust security in the cloud, and AI-accelerated business transformation. C-level executives and senior decision-makers involved in IT, finance, digital transformation, AI/ML, and cybersecurity from the banking & finance, telecommunications, BPO, education, and technology sectors participated in insightful and memorable knowledge-sharing discussions alongside their peers. These high-level conversations took place both in virtual spaces and in some of the most prestigious venues, such as Shangri-La The Fort and Blackbird Restaurant in Manila and QT in Sydney.

Of the 154 attendees participating in these knowledge-sharing events, 93.5% represented enterprises, and 6.5% came from mid-market businesses. The Ortus Club and AWS partnership yielded over 20 customer-driven requests for cloud infrastructure and AI assessments.

The Project

  • Background
    As a leading name in the cloud solutions space, AWS continues to expand its reach to more businesses in APAC and ASEAN. To gain a wider market share in these regions, they decided to utilise marketing events to engage more business leaders in productive discourse about the benefits of integrating cloud computing, AI/ML, and the metaverse into operations, analytics, and customer experience.
  • Objective
    To bolster its outbound marketing strategies in APAC and ASEAN, AWS sought to collaborate with an experienced outbound team specialising in market research and marketing events. Their primary aim in this collaboration is to open discourses on the various enterprise applications of cloud computing, AI/ML, and the metaverse through roundtables and masterclasses.
  • Solution
    Catering to hundreds of enterprises worldwide, The Ortus Club was equipped with the tools and resources required to meet the outbound marketing needs of AWS. Their services included but were not limited to event attendee research, topic curation, guest engagement, and venue selection. This collaboration between AWS and The Ortus Club successfully generated leads in multiple sectors, including banking & finance, telecommunications, BPO, education, and technology.

“This collaboration between AWS and The Ortus Club successfully generated leads in multiple sectors, including banking & finance, telecommunications, BPO, education, and technology.”

Client and Guest Reviews

All attendees who participated in the knowledge-sharing events organised by The Ortus Club and AWS throughout 2022 were exceedingly satisfied with the conversations they had with AWS and their senior-level peers. Most of the guests praised the stellar quality of the speakers representing AWS and the moderators vetted and selected by The Ortus Club. 

After gaining new key insights from these events, a few business leaders in attendance requested more discussions surrounding intelligent automation, risk management and data privacy, and real-time adaptation. One C-level participant noted, ‘AWS communicates a message that is relevant to my business, having presented vital information during the event, which enhanced my understanding of cloud services.’

Having secured over 20 actionable leads, AWS has achieved its goal of expanding its market share in APAC and ASEAN. Another senior executive commented, ‘I am more likely to work with AWS to future-proof my organisation, and I consider them a strategic partner in my business’.


At the start of 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) sought to educate audiences on the benefits of leveraging scalable, agile, and secure cloud solutions to drive operational optimisation and revenue generation. By hosting executive knowledge-sharing events throughout APAC and ASEAN, The Ortus Club successfully assisted AWS in expanding its advocacy, reaching hundreds of top-level decision-makers across various industries.

From February to November 2022, AWS and The Ortus Club hosted 7 in-person events across 3 major cities in APAC and 9 virtual events for executives across the ASEAN region. Overall, The Ortus Club engaged 200 senior executives, meeting more than 150 across a series of knowledge-sharing roundtables and masterclasses. All in all, the events saw an attendance rate of 80.1%, broken down to 74.7% for in-person events and 83.5% for virtual events.


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