Case Study: Cloudflare


Cloudflare Case Study

The Client

Founded in 2009, Cloudflare, Inc. is a US-based content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company. They have a simple yet ambitious goal—to build a better internet. They believe that their expert talent, in collaboration with engaged users equipped with their cutting-edge technology, can address some of the largest problems of the online space.

Cloudflare is one of the globe’s farthest-reaching networks, trusted by millions of web properties in 275 cities across more than a hundred countries. 11,000 networks directly connect to Cloudflare, including every major ISP, cloud provider, and enterprise. Cloudflare routes all web traffic to connected internet properties through its intelligent global network.

Cloudflare’s platform can protect and accelerate any internet application online without adding hardware, installing software, or changing a line of code. Internet properties powered by Cloudflare have all web traffic routed through its intelligent global network.


Why Ortus?

The Ortus Club worked closely with Cloudflare to stimulate productive discussion on Zero Trust technology across North America.

In a span of four months, The Ortus Club was able to gather hundreds of IT and cybersecurity leaders from a diverse range of organisations to discuss the topic ‘Zero Trust, Zero Nonsense: A Faster, More Practical Approach’. C-suite executives and senior executives were treated to the unforgettable experience of engaging in knowledge-sharing amongst peers at some of the most stunning private dining venues in the US and Canada such as Ocean Prime in Chicago, Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, and the JW Marriott in Houston.

Of the companies represented at these knowledge-sharing events, 56% were enterprises, and 44% were mid-market organisations. This joint effort by The Ortus Club and Cloudflare proved fruitful, resulting in 63 customer-driven requests for Zero Trust and phishing risk assessments.

The Project

  • Context
    In line with their mission to build a better internet, Cloudflare sought to raise awareness on the value of Zero Trust approaches in maintaining enterprise-wide cybersecurity, highlighting their capabilities as an authority in this sector.
  • Challenge
    Cloudflare aimed to open discussions on the various enterprise-level applications of Zero Trust security across various industries in North America and Southeast Asia. Targeted throughout this knowledge-sharing campaign were senior decision-makers responsible for IT, data, and cybersecurity.
  • Solution
    To achieve their objectives, Cloudflare partnered with The Ortus Club to organise and host roundtables and masterclasses, both in-person and virtual. The Ortus Club provided effective solutions in guest engagement, topic curation, venue selection, and other event-related operations.

“The Ortus Club provided effective solutions in guest engagement, topic curation, venue selection, and other event-related operations.”

The Results

Cloudflare started the year with the goal of building awareness and educating audiences on the subject of the relatively new and incredibly promising Zero Trust Network Access. The Ortus Club was successful in helping Cloudflare attain this goal, reaching hundreds of executives across a wide array of enterprises and mid-sized corporations.

From June to November 2022, Cloudflare and The Ortus Club hosted 27 events across 12 major cities throughout North America. In total, The Ortus Club engaged 900 senior executives, meeting more than 400 across a series of knowledge-sharing roundtables and masterclasses. All in all, the events saw an attendance rate of 61.9%, broken down to 64.7% for roundtables and 60.7% for workshops and masterclasses.

Of the hundreds of companies entering the funnel, 71% were new logos, creating a sizeable amount of new business for Cloudflare. The events yielded 239 marketing-qualified leads and 52 sales opportunities, generating $4.6 million in direct pipeline revenue.


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