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Supercharge your Market and Competition Knowledge – Why B2B Networking is Important for your Business

Looking for ways to outperform your competition in business? B2B networking and relationships are a highly effective method to keep up with the constant changes in today's fast-paced digital landscape. By networking with other businesses in your industry, you can gain valuable knowledge about the market and your competitors. Developing strong relationships with other businesses [...]
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Meet Ali Noelle Sy, Creative Director of Ortus Draws

Through her experience building a fledgling brand, Ali has gained many valuable lessons in her role as Creative Director of Ortus Draws. From hitting the ground running to staying on top of pressing challenges in developing more efficient workflows, she has proven to be a shining example of how brands today must be led.

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Meet Steph Mendoza, Operations

Hard work over talent: these four words encapsulate Bea’s character. Her adept adaptability is at the core of her success at The Ortus Club, and, as she carries on her journey with the company, she strives to maintain the quality of excellence she’s established in her role—one she wishes to impart to aspiring operations specialists.

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The matter at hand: Selecting a roundtable topic

There are numerous factors to consider when organising a roundtable discussion. From inviting the right guests to reserving the right venues, and even hiring the right photographers, these knowledge-sharing events have so many moving parts to secure. But, among all the elements that comprise a successful roundtable, selecting the right topic is the most critical. [...]