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Meet the Founders on a Mission to Curate Knowledge-Sharing Discussions Worldwide

Jess Circi and Sam Adcock founded The Ortus Club in 2015, intending to create an exclusive but interactive space that fosters senior-level relationship building. What began as a humble team of four is now a full-fledged organisation that has enjoyed unprecedented growth. In 2022, the company conducted its 1000th event and welcomed its 100th employee, two among countless records they have broken throughout the years.

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Ortus Chats with Avis Easteal, Regional Head of Consumer at LUXASIA

Avis Easteal, Regional Head of Consumer at LUXASIA, talks to The Ortus Club’s Elizabeth Camacho about her role as the integrator of strategies to improve company operations and achieve business goals.

To watch Avis’ Interview, you can subscribe to our Ortus Chats interview series on Youtube. You can also listen to the interview on Spotify, or pour yourself a cup of coffee and read the full interview below.