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Interview with Sabrina Manansala, Head of OrtusX Blog  Ortus X

Interview with Sabrina Manansala, Head of OrtusX

1. What is OrtusX? OrtusX or Ortus Employee Experience is a new offering, empowering companies to create communities within their organisation built on trust. We decided to help other companies with employee engagement because our own struggles and successes taught us that the culture must be people-centric to create an engaged company. In this era [...]
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How this software firm used OrtusX to strengthen their partner relationship

Celigo approached OrtusX to solidify the relationship with their partner, Zangabee. Although the two companies had been working together for over a year, their teams wanted to get to know each other better to function as a unified group. The one-year anniversary of their partnership provided an opportunity to host a team-building event unlike any [...]
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The OrtusX journey: ‘people-first’ in practice

In the face of the pandemic, companies worldwide were dealt setback after setback. Some simply ceased to operate while others were forced to rethink their working arrangements, from fully remote to more hybrid strategies, all while adapting to wholesale shifts in consumer behaviour. However, while entering the belly of the beast, another danger loomed—what experts [...]