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Knowledge-sharing made digital: Discovering the purpose of virtual roundtables

In today’s business landscape, virtual events have become the norm as a viable (sometimes even preferred) platform for knowledge sharing and networking. As trends shift and challenges emerge across different industries, business leaders must leverage new approaches to building their intellectual and social capital. ‘But what about competing interests?’ you may ask. As the adage [...]
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Facilitation done right: the top 5 key best practices

Business leaders worldwide turn to roundtable discussions to determine the most effective solutions to the challenges they face. Discussing key insights with like-minded peers enables them to explore new perspectives in addressing the concerns of their respective businesses and their industries in general. Roundtable hosts often find themselves committing these mistakes when organising their events. [...]
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Getting around challenges: How executives can benefit from roundtable discussions

Business landscapes continue to shift across different industries, challenging organisations worldwide. To keep pace with the emergence of more complex issues, industry leaders must build their intellectual and social capital. ‘But what about competing interests?’ you may ask. As the adage goes, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ and, in critical situations, turning [...]
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Meet the Founders on a Mission to Curate Knowledge-Sharing Discussions Worldwide

Jess Circi and Sam Adcock founded The Ortus Club in 2015, intending to create an exclusive but interactive space that fosters senior-level relationship building. What began as a humble team of four is now a full-fledged organisation that has enjoyed unprecedented growth. In 2022, the company conducted its 1000th event and welcomed its 100th employee, two among countless records they have broken throughout the years.