Celigo Virtual Event

November 18, 2021 | Thursday | 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM CET

You have been invited to this
exclusive virtual event hosted by Celigo.

This virtual tasting experience will give your team the opportunity to have some fun time with their teammates, have casual conversations, and create a stronger connection with them while tasting and enjoying some specially curated beers for your team. This activity is ideal for smaller and larger groups and for both beer lovers as well as for those interested to expand their knowledge on beer production and flavors. 

A box containing the different beer types that you’ll need for the tasting will be shipped to each participant before the event. This is a fun and interactive experience to learn about all the different beer types, their characteristics and satisfy your curiosity about where they’re produced and where in the world you can find the best ones.


Quick session overview:
– Welcome session on the beer tasting experience and the beers in the kit!
– Enjoy the beer tasting with cool insights from an expert
– Cheers and vote for your favorite beer in the package!

beer tasting session 2
beer tasting session 3


4:00 PM
Ortus Master of Ceremonies opens sessions


4:10 PM
Ice breaker


4:15 PM
Beer tasting


4:35 PM


5:00 PM
Virtual Scavenger Hunt


5:15 PM
End of session

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