Celigo x Zangabee

Virtual Party

We are very happy to invite you to our partnership celebration

Join us at 4pm CET on the 9th of November for an hour of entertainment

Event agenda

3:50 PM: Guest to check-in online

4:00 PM: Ortus Master of Ceremonies opens the session

4:05 PM: Welcome from Celigo x Zangabee

4:10 PM: Ice breaker

4:15 PM: Beer-tasting experience

4:35 PM: Trivia game

5:00 PM: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

5:10 PM: Celigo x Zangabee closing remarks

5:15 PM: End of session

About the beer-tasting

This virtual tasting experience is a great opportunity to have some fun time and create a stronger connection, while tasting and enjoying some specially curated beers. The session is ideal for both beer lovers as well as for those interested to expand their knowledge on beer production and flavours!

You will receive an exclusive box containing the different beer types needed for the tasting the day before the event!

beer tasting session 3
beer tasting session 2