Championing Inclusion in
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By taking proactive steps to address systemic barriers and biases, companies can unlock the full potential of diverse perspectives and position themselves as industry leaders in the fight for equal opportunity.

As The Ortus Club reflects on its journey towards fostering greater inclusion and equal opportunity, it is important to recognise that these efforts take place within the broader context of an ongoing global fight for women’s empowerment and equality. On this path toward gender equality and women’s empowerment, B2B marketing companies have the extraordinary opportunity to lead by example. By embracing diversity, amplifying diverse voices, and fostering an inclusive culture, these organisations can unlock a wellspring of creativity, innovation, and business success while contributing to a more just and equitable society. The time for action is now, and the rewards of this transformative journey will be immeasurable for generations to come.

“According to a recent McKinsey report, companies with greater gender diversity in leadership roles are considerably more likely to outperform their counterparts.”

About the report

What drives us

At the core of The Ortus Club’s mission lies an unwavering commitment to empowering voices that have long been marginalized and underrepresented. We are driven by a profound belief that true innovation, progress, and societal transformation can only be achieved when diverse perspectives are given equitable opportunities to be heard, valued, and celebrated. This conviction fuels our tireless efforts to cultivate inclusive environments, both within our organisation and across the events and platforms we curate.


Why read it

Within these pages, you’ll find a wealth of actionable insights, best practices, and real-world examples that illuminate the path towards meaningful change. Whether you are a leader seeking to cultivate a more inclusive corporate culture, a marketing professional striving to amplify diverse voices, or an industry stakeholder committed to driving systemic transformation, this report offers a multi-faceted approach tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations.

Beyond mere theoretical discourse, this report delves into the tangible steps organisations can take to dismantle barriers, mitigate biases, and create equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups to thrive. It showcases the immense value that diverse perspectives bring to the table, unlocking innovation, enhancing decision-making, and fostering a competitive edge in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

Key findings

  • Achieving true diversity and inclusion requires organisations to go beyond passive efforts and take proactive, accountable actions to identify and dismantle systemic barriers.
  • Internal initiatives like comprehensive audits, robust training, formal mentorship programs, and inclusive policies/benefits are crucial for fostering equitable environments from within.
  • Amplifying diverse voices in external marketing, campaigns, events, and thought leadership is essential for promoting representation and challenging biases.
  • Collective action through collaboration amidst companies, partnerships with nonprofits, policy advocacy, and transparency around metrics can drive largescale systemic change.
  • Organisations that prioritize diversity unlock a wealth of unique perspectives that spur innovation, enhance decision-making, and create competitive advantages.
  • Promoting women’s empowerment requires a multi-pronged approach addressing recruitment, leadership, professional development, workplace policies, and cultural narratives.

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