The CIO Club Series

An exclusive online discussion for Cyber Security and IT Directors, Managers, and Engineers based in Korea

March 10, 2020 | Tuesday | 4:00 PM KST


Hosted by Cloudflare, The Cyber Security Core Principles Webinar is set up to offer an exclusive webinar session for Cyber Security and IT Directors, Managers, and Engineers based in Korea.


The Core Principles of Cyber Security

Cyber ​​attacks can be a deadly threat to your business. How are you preparing for a massive DDoS attack? And how can you prepare for a massive DDoS attack?

Please join the Cloudflare webinar and check out the following:

  • Evolving Cyber ​​Attacks
  • Difficulty in establishing a security strategy
  • How cyber attacks impact your business
  • How to protect your web application from cyber attacks


Ju Hyung Song speaker


Customer Success Manager | Cloudflare

Jean Ryu speaker


Solutions Engineer | Cloudflare

Attendees Included: 

Seonil Kwon, Network Engineer at KT
Wilford Ondricka, Orchestrator at Weissnat LLC
Аркадий Turcotte, Specialist at Kub, Grimes and Schroeder
Rafael Marchal, Consultant at Bergstrom – Hoeger
Garret Nitzsche, Supervisor at Doyle – McCullough
Isac Hamill, Specialist at Tillman – Nikolaus
Cornelius Hauck, Strategist at Olson, Jakubowski and Walsh
Kay Diedrich, Architect at Waters Group
Hyungjoo Lim, Enterprise Architect at ORACLE
Hertha Tromp, Specialist at Raynor, Beahan and Hahn
Maud Vergara, Manager at Heathcote Group
Yechan Kim, DevOps Engineer at BitHolla
Stephan Kong, Manager at Samil PwC
Louvenia Kessler, Director at Lueilwitz and Sons
Ethan Jeong, PMO Leader at Calm Island
Seungwoo Seon, Asia Service Desk Manager at Applied Materials
Seongkyun Shin, System Engineer at Infoblox
김태성 , CEO at 에나국제학교
Jong Ku Yu, 팀장 at SOFT2000
이인규 , SVP at Orange
김세웅 , 주임 at Bankware Global
Junyoung Bok, 교직원 at Shingu College
이재복 , 책임 at LG Uplus
Jung Min Do, Information Security Consultant at SSR Inc.
Phillip Jaehyuk Yang, Sr. System Administrator at Maxim Integrated
Joseph Hwang, Applecare Senior Advisor at Apple at Apple
조중희 , 대리 at Naver
Sam Goh, GM at Ensign InfoSecurity
Woojin Jung, 상무 at LG CNS
이경소 , Principal Consultant at 삼성SDS
김용진 , IT시스템운영관리팀장(전략구매팀장) at 뉴그린
Hwanjoon choi, 대표(CEO) at BRIO
조중희 , 대리 at 코리아세븐