B2B Event Lead Generation: How to Make Conferences Work for You

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The sound of a bustling conference hall, the electric energy of networking, and the exciting opportunity to meet industry leaders are the usual echoes of a thriving business conference. But beyond the noise and the vibrancy lies the ultimate goal: fostering high-quality B2B lead generation opportunities that transform into flourishing business partnerships.

As powerful as they are, conferences are not always easy to navigate. The article below is designed to be your comprehensive guide on how to make events and conferences work for your business and unlock your full B2B marketing and lead generation potential. Read on below to learn more!

Understanding B2B Lead Generation

B2B (business-to-business) lead generation is identifying and nurturing other businesses that have shown interest in your offerings and converting them to customers. Your B2B lead generation efforts aim to attract leads that are most likely to become long-term customers, considering factors such as their budget, their need for your offering, and their decision-making authority.

What Is Event Lead Generation?

Event lead generation is a strategic process of identifying and capturing potential leads during in-person and online events. The goal is to engage with attendees, create meaningful interactions, and gather contact information of those interested in your offerings for lead nurturing and, eventually, sales conversions.

Offline lead generation events such as conferences and seminars allow for more personal networking, booth interactions, and in-depth demonstrations of your offerings. In the digital age, B2B lead generation could also involve using event software to track client engagement and interactions, such as who attended a webinar or clicked a link during your virtual conference.

What are the types of B2B lead generation events?

Regarding B2B lead generation, various events can be leveraged to maximise your efforts in connecting with and engaging prospects. Each event type serves a unique purpose in your B2B lead generation strategy, but the key is providing value and creating meaningful interactions that can be converted into business relationships. Here are some of the main types you should consider:

1. Conferences

Conferences offer a platform to establish your business as a thought leader in your industry. Consider delivering presentations or participating in panel discussions to share insights to drive awareness of your brand and generate B2B leads.

2. Networking Events

In-person or virtual networking events provide excellent opportunities to interact with potential clients or partners in a less formal environment. Remember, the goal is not to hard sell your product or services but to build relationships that can later be turned into business opportunities.

Here’s why you should arrange and attend B2B events

B2B events provide a platform for networking, enhancing brand visibility, and generating high-quality B2B sales leads for your business. While also allowing attendees to experience your offerings firsthand for direct sales opportunities. With preparation and research, attending these events also serves as a knowledge exchange hub opportunity to keep you updated with the latest industry trends and innovations.

Collecting New Leads at Events: How It Works

Navigating the bustling world of B2B markets and events for lead generation might seem daunting, but with a strategic approach, you can transform these occasions into goldmines of opportunity. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you plan an effective B2B lead generation strategy:

Plan your event

Event planning is about more than logistics, dates, and venues. Prioritise understanding your business objectives and shaping your event strategy around these goals. Gather insights about your target audience and tailor your event approach to resonate with their needs, from the topics you discuss and the kind of event you choose to the promotional materials you prepare.

Start your outreach

Use email marketing, social media, or even direct phone calls to invite your target audience to your event. Emphasise your B2B lead generation event’s relevance to their business and personalise your outreach efforts as much as possible, making your recipient feel valued and more likely to attend.

Set appointments

Before your event, set appointments with interested leads to guarantee dedicated time for in-depth discussions without the distractions of the event floor. Use the information captured during registration to identify potential leads to reach out to for a private product demonstration, a one-on-one discussion, or a more in-depth presentation of what you have to offer.

Pitch during the event

Strike the right balance between informing, engaging, and persuading potential leads during your event to fuel your B2B lead generation efforts. Deliver engaging presentations and actively network to highlight your company and offerings’ value. Make your pitch relevant, concise, and memorable to leave a lasting impression on B2B sales leads.

Create landing and social media pages

Use your B2B platforms to build anticipation about your event and attract potential leads. Create a dedicated landing page on your website to provide all the necessary event details and capture lead information with registration forms. Consider utilising your social media pages to announce your participation, share behind-the-scenes content, or even host pre-event discussions.

Post-event lead follow-up

The work isn’t over once the event ends. Send a personalised thank-you note to the leads you interacted with, share additional information about your offerings, or set up a meeting to further discuss potential partnerships. Doing so continues building business relationships formed during your B2B lead generation event while your brand image is still fresh in their memory,

B2B Lead Generation Best Practices to Bring Results with Your Event

Align your event focus with your overall marketing strategy

Your event isn’t an isolated occurrence – it’s an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Aligning the themes, messaging, and goals of your B2B lead generation event with your objectives ensures consistent messaging and helps reinforce your brand identity.

Regularly connect with your sales team

Your sales team holds invaluable insights into who your target audience should be for your event based on their interactions with clients and potential leads. Regularly collaborate with them to foster a cross-functional alignment in creating a seamless experience for your attendees and help drive your B2B lead generation efforts forward.

Provide value for your clients

The key to attracting and retaining potential leads is to provide value through various forms, such as informative presentations, engaging workshops, or exclusive insights into industry trends. The goal is to offer insights that enrich your potential leads to make their attendance beneficial regardless of whether they choose to do business with you immediately.

Make your follow-up efforts valuable

Your follow-up efforts are crucial in nurturing prospects from your B2B lead generation efforts and driving them towards conversion. Consider adding value to your offerings by sharing educational insights, providing personalised solutions, or offering exclusive access to resources. Remember, every interaction should help build a relationship, not just make a sale.

Exceed Your Sales Goals by Hosting Events with The Ortus Club

B2B lead generation events are dynamic and powerful platforms that create meaningful interactions, provide value at every touchpoint, and nurture connections into profitable business relationships. Get started in your journey towards generating high-quality leads with professional guidance and expert advice from The Ortus Club!

With our vast experience in events marketing, The Ortus Club understands the intricate dance of lead generation and how to make conferences work for you. We ensure every aspect of your B2B lead generation event, from planning to follow-up, is finely tuned to attract, engage, and convert your target audience. Contact us here to learn more!


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