Knowledge-sharing made digital: Discovering the purpose of virtual roundtables

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In today’s business landscape, virtual events have become the norm as a viable (sometimes even preferred) platform for knowledge sharing and networking. As trends shift and challenges emerge across different industries, business leaders must leverage new approaches to building their intellectual and social capital.

‘But what about competing interests?’ you may ask. As the adage goes, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ and, in critical situations, turning to one’s peers may help address any similar concerns. Knowledge sharing is vital in this process, making it the cornerstone of the foundations of effective discussion events. The purpose of virtual roundtables illustrates how these conversations are now viable platforms for open discourse among decision-makers scattered throughout the globe.

Wider accessibility to professionals worldwide

Businesses in various industries face challenges that specifically require solutions formulated from different perspectives. For instance, a discussion on emerging issues in cross-border data security might involve decision-makers operating in other parts of the world. At times, these perspectives come from professionals and organisations scattered across the globe.

Virtual roundtables bridge the geographical gap between like-minded executives. Through these online discussions, top-level peers can exchange ideas and develop strategies no matter where they are in the world. These platforms also provide business leaders with quicker access to critical insights for the most pressing concerns in any industry.

It’s not only the participants who get to enjoy the wider accessibility of virtual roundtables. Their colleagues within their respective organisations, too, benefit from receiving fresh insights swiftly after these discussions. Guest insights can be curated and developed into comprehensive reports, similar to those provided by The Ortus Club for participants of their virtual roundtables. These reports can serve as a reference for new ideas and solutions that ensure business success and growth.

“Virtual roundtables bridge the geographical gap between like-minded executives.”

Simpler capture of insights

Recording in-person roundtables can prove challenging, with the risk of technical issues stemming from device malfunctions to subpar venue acoustics. These risks may prove detrimental to documenting the insights shared by the participants.

Virtual roundtables make capturing knowledge-sharing events much more effortless. Most video conferencing apps today come with a built-in recording function, which takes just one press of a button to activate. The app then saves the recording automatically and stores it in an accessible location on the host’s computer.

These recordings definitely come in handy when curating participant insights for a post-event report on the discussion. Built-in screen captures eliminate the need to transfer and clean up audio recorded with an external device. Discussions then become much easier to transcribe, enabling the creation of more comprehensive event reports.


Additional convenience for all participants

Jam-packed schedules and transportation woes are the banes of executives who wish to attend discussion events to gain key insights that may help their businesses. Virtual roundtables solve both those problems simultaneously.

Industry leaders won’t have to leave the comfort of their homes or offices, with effortless access to these invaluable conversations at their fingertips. Setting time for virtual roundtables is much faster as well, with commutes and flights out of the scheduling equation.

Virtual roundtable organisers can also breathe easy without the challenges of securing venues and large teams for their events. All they’ll need on the day are their devices, a stable internet connection, and a reliable video conferencing app. They can even reallocate their venue and personnel budgets to special event add-ons. Take, for instance, this expert-led gourmet chocolate tasting The Ortus Club prepared for the participants of one of their virtual roundtables.

Are you interested in learning more about the dynamics of virtual roundtables? Do you want to host your own? Connect with The Ortus Club today. With hundreds of successful virtual roundtables under their belt, the Ortus team is equipped with the right expertise to help you organise your next virtual discussion.


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