Don’t Let Your Event Momentum Stall: Why You Should Trust The Ortus Club to Handle Your Follow-Ups

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You just hosted an event with The Ortus Club, forging connections with potential partners and collaborators. The next stage is critical: following up. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the bulk of the work is over and done with the event wrapped up, but this is where the real work starts. Tempting as it may be to take over at this point, here are just a few reasons why letting The Ortus Club manage those follow-ups is the smarter move:

5 Reasons Why You Should Let The Ortus Club Handle Your Follow-ups

It’s Included: Delivering an ROI 

You invested in The Ortus Club for a reason – results. Follow-up calls are part of that promised experience. You’ve already paid for this, allow us to do what we do best and deliver. We’ll ensure a smooth transition from the event up until the tangible results are on your table (or better yet, in your calendar).

Timely Action: Capturing Enthusiasm

Timely follow-up is a core metric for our team. And with our expertise, quality isn’t compromised for agility. We understand the importance of striking while the post-event iron is hot. Guests tend to be more receptive to familiar voices (in this case ours), so we’ll guarantee those calls happen within the week (or two max)!

Follow-Up Expertise: Guaranteed Results

We have a whole department specialised in event follow-ups. Our experts do this daily, with laser focus, ensuring the meetings with the right people get scheduled and land in your calendar in a smooth and timely manner. It’s our top priority, part of our KPIs and our full-time job.

It Makes for A Smoother Experience 

Your guests have been interacting with The Ortus Club for weeks leading up to the event. Additionally, we stay in contact with everyone who’s attended our events. We’ve established a relationship, making them more receptive to our outreach. Allow the trust they’ve built in us to transfer to you. This continuity creates a frictionless experience for everyone, leaving a positive lasting impression.

Focus on Results, Not Busywork

Let’s be honest: chasing meeting confirmations can be a time-suck. We handle the time-consuming part – securing those follow-up calls. The strategies and tools we employ also ensure that the chase for that coveted appointment doesn’t rub your leads the wrong way. All your team needs to do is to show up and shine – no calendar juggling or hunting for responses. Let your sales teams focus on something no one else can do and prepare for some productive meetings.

Let The Ortus Club Handle Your Events from Start to Finish

By allowing The Ortus Club to manage your post-even follow-ups, you guarantee a seamless transition from connections to the next crucial step. We’ll handle the legwork, freeing your team to build lasting relationships with the connections made at the event. Contact The Ortus Club today, and let us draw long-lasting connections from successful events for you.

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