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Employee kits

Welcome kit

Whisky and wine-tasting experiences help add sophistication and exclusivity to executive knowledge-sharing events. These experiences generally take place at the beginning of the roundtable, with a professional sommelier or distiller present to guide your guests. 

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Ortus mind maps are designed to make your virtual roundtable more engaging and interactive. These illustrations improve the group’s participation and sum up the main discussion points of each event.

Our illustrators and graphic designers use simple comic illustration styles to create a unique image that encapsulates the challenges being faced by the participants and the techniques they are using to deal with these challenges, as well as other interesting ideas and thoughts that are raised during the discussions. All of these are summarised in our mind map, using relevant keywords.

Relax kit
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Ortus partners with some of the tastiest high-end providers in a variety of locations across the globe. Whether you’re hosting a roundtable discussion over breakfast or a Masterclass at lunch, we will organise refreshments, brunches, or full meals, to be delivered straight to your guests’ doorsteps.

These refreshments can either be enjoyed prior, during or after the event, and are a popular addition to The Ortus Club roundtables. Contact us to find out more about added food and beverage options in your area. 

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