Energising Our Day: How EOD Rituals Strengthen The Ortus Club Team

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At The Ortus Club, we believe in the power of connection and the importance of mental health in the workplace. Our End of Day (EOD) gatherings stand as a testament to our commitment to fostering camaraderie and providing support to our employees, regardless of where they are located—Kosovo, Rome, or Manila.

EOD: Ending our day fulfilled

The genesis of our EOD meetings was rooted in a simple practice: reviewing the day’s work and learning from our collective experiences. As our team expanded, the feasibility of daily reviews waned. But the advent of remote work—and the reduced opportunities for casual interactions it brought—underscored the need for a new kind of connection. Thus, our EOD meetings evolved not just as a tool for operational efficiency but as a vital link among our team members.

Each EOD meeting is themed around one of our core company values, ensuring everyone is aligned with our ethos and approach to engaging with stakeholders. More importantly, these meetings serve as a beacon for promoting mental well-being and helping minimise the risk of burnout.

Whether through a virtual game, a presentation on a passion project, a quiz, or even training and quarterly reports, the EOD meeting is a multifaceted event designed to bring our team closer together. Announcements, birthday reminders, and breakout rooms further enrich these gatherings, making them a vibrant space for personal interactions and mutual support.

EOD as a pillar for well-being and engagement

Burnout can stem from overtime work and the constant pressure to always “stay on” for work emergencies. According to studies, 65% of employees around the world still suffer from the challenges posed by burnout—luckily, we’ve been able to mitigate this issue through EOD meetings. Our approach ensures every team member is equipped and supported to excel within their working hours.

We ensure that every day with the Ortus club is spent with joy and productivity. More than just a fun avenue to connect with co-workers anywhere in the world, EOD reserves time for each one of us to learn and grow with the experiences of others. Here are some of our employees’ favourite EOD activities:

  • “I personally really enjoyed Fascination Fridays, word vs. word challenges, Kahoot quizzes based on the important training information, and the Thank You chain! I can’t forget what do you meme too.”—Bea T.
  • “I personally really enjoyed ‘Ted Talk Thursday’! It was great to gather new insight and knowledge about a topic that can help promote self-improvement and development. We can also try to expand to discuss topics and ideas from books, podcasts, and maybe some articles.”—Guio S.
  • “Guesting Director horror stories! I think we can all relate to mishaps during projects and events. It shows that no one encounters challenges alone and that a lot of people go through them as well.”—Mishy K.
  • “I greatly appreciate EOD, especially when we began discussing our own paths to the company and their professional growth. It made me recognise that I, too, will improve and succeed like them in the future.”—Ben A.
  • “I enjoy Motivation Mondays, where people share their personal or work wins from the week or month. It’s a nice way to recognise yourself and others’ achievements while getting to know more about each other.”—Marian D.

Bridging relationships and forging brighter end-of-days

We place such emphasis on our EOD meetings because they are more than a signal that the workday is coming to an end. They are a reminder to take a well-deserved break, an opportunity to strengthen bonds across time zones, and a celebration of our shared humanity. Our EOD gatherings are about appreciation, gratitude, and the simple yet profound reminder that there is more to life than work.

Through these daily rituals, we are not just ending the day; we are reinforcing the fabric of our company culture—one that values health, happiness, and the holistic well-being of every member of our team. At The Ortus Club, we’re not just working together; we’re growing, learning, and thriving together, with each EOD meeting paving the way for a brighter, more connected tomorrow.

By embracing the EOD meeting as a cornerstone of our culture, The Ortus Club continues to pave the way for a more inclusive, supportive, and healthy workplace. We close each day not with a sigh of exhaustion but with a shared moment of connection and appreciation. Together, we’re setting boundaries, respecting our limits, and fostering a culture that prioritises mental health and work-life balance.

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