2021 Acceleration: A Digitally-Enabled Future

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Virtual Roundtable

Friday, January 29th, 10:30 SGT

An exclusive online discussion for senior IT executives in Singapore.


2021 Acceleration: A Digitally-Enabled Future

2021 has arrived, and IT acceleration continues to be the hot topic of the business world. Recent studies have proven that a two-year headstart on this unstoppable transformation is providing innovative enterprises with the intel necessary to stay on top of their business objectives.

In Asia and around the world, top leaders understand that agility, security, and resource optimisation are the areas that will need the most attention in 2021 and beyond. Whilst adapting to an ever-changing environment, successful companies are securing a prosperous future by placing issues such as application platforms modernisation, data and system security, customer-centric approach, and technology complexity reduction at the core of their operations.

  • How can businesses be better equipped to ensure stable IT operations?
  • What tools are available to promote a holistic and accelerated digital transformation plan?
  • What steps are needed to secure smooth management of all remote-first workforce operations?

Attended by:

SVP and Head of Infrastructure & Big Data Analytics at DBS
Head of IT at Gill Capital
Head of IT Operations at Nokia
Head of Regional IT Partner Management at Siemens
Head of Technology at Keppel
Head of Technology at Prudential 
Head of Grabber Technology Solutions at Grab
VP of Data & Analytics at DFS
AVP of IT at Parkway Pantai 
Director of Technology at Tanglin Trust School
Asst. Director of Product & Program Management at GovTech
Sr. Manager of IT at CMA-CGM

10:20 am: Guests to check-in online
10:30 am: Introduction by The Ortus Club
10:35 am: Introduction of participants
10:45 am: Short address from Freshworks
10:55 am: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
11:45 am: Session ends

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Friday, January 29, 2021 10:30

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