The IT Security Leaders’ Breakfast

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Wednesday, September 13th, 8:00 HKT

IT and Cybersecurity leaders in Hong Kong are invited to join this roundtable breakfast on ‘2023 identity security threat landscape: Navigating the risks of cyber debt’.

An expert moderator will guide the knowledge-sharing event, stimulating discussion between participants in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is complimentary and by invitation only.

2023 identity security threat landscape: Navigating the risks of cyber debt

In 2023, the identity security threat landscape has evolved, leading to a dramatic increase in what’s known as ‘cyber debt’. This occurs when an organisation’s digital transformation and cloud initiatives outpace their cybersecurity investments, creating a security gap. As a result, the organisation’s identity integrity becomes susceptible to breaches, amplifying the cyber risk.

The identity threat has magnified beyond the traditional IT infrastructure, reaching into digital and cloud realms. The emphasis is now moving from simply defending the perimeter to preserving the integrity of multiple distributed identity sources. As such, it is the risk to identities, rather than the expanded attack surface, that has become the paramount concern in the world of cybersecurity. As a consequence of this shifting focus, the amplified cyber debt results in an increased risk of identity theft and associated cybercrimes. Therefore, it is critical that organisations prioritise their cybersecurity investments towards protecting identities during their digital transformations to mitigate the escalating risks in the rapidly evolving 2023 identity security threat landscape.

  • How is the concept of cyber debt reshaping the way organizations approach their digital transformation strategies in 2023?
  • What strategies and technologies are companies implementing to secure their cloud infrastructure as well as endpoint users?
  • What new technologies or innovations can organizations adopt to enhance their cybersecurity posture amidst growing cyber debt and an expanded attack surface?

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Salon IV-V

18 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong | Google Maps

The Ortus Club hosts knowledge-sharing discussions in the best private dining rooms in the world. These venues provide an elegant high-end atmosphere and impeccable table service.

Attended by leaders interested in discussing the repercussions of cyber debt, strategies to manage the expanded attack surface in 2023, and innovative solutions for enhancing cybersecurity amidst the rapid pace of digital and cloud transformations.

Job titles may include CISO, CIO, CTO, IT Head, IT Security Head, and other senior decision-makers.

8:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM Welcoming and opening address by The Ortus Club
8:35 AM Welcome address
by Sandy Lau, Country Manager, Hong Kong & Macau, CyberArk
8:40 AM Identity Security Overview
by Jeffrey Kok, VP, Solutions Engineering, APJ, CyberArk
8:50 AM Discussion and breakfast served
Moderated by Jenius Shieh, Partner, PwC
10:20 AM Closing remarks
by Edward Hsieh, Regional Director, North Asia, CyberArk
10:30 AM Networking


Partner | PwC


Country Manager, Hong Kong & Macau | CyberArk


VP, Solutions Engineering, APJ | CyberArk


Regional Director, North Asia | CyberArk

Hosted by CyberArk

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023 08:00
Hong Kong

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