Accelerating digital transformation and outcomes in a challenging data climate

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Virtual Roundtable

Wednesday, May 6th, 13:00 AEST
An exclusive online discussion for senior data management executives of prominent firms in Australia and New Zealand.

Accelerating digital transformation and outcomes in a challenging data climate

As organisations all over the world adopt telecommuting practices and social distancing measures, it is crucial that their workforce and interactions with customers are moved to the cloud with speed.

Having a data management platform with self-service preparation, inventory and integration capabilities, which can be delivered with minimal hassle and intuitively over the cloud, will be a priority for enterprises looking to drive clean and complete information in this challenging data climate. The agility to make real-time changes and understand their impact on the fly is also a critical factor, as it reduces data compliance risks and accelerates trusted data usage and outcomes across the organisation.

    • Have companies been accelerating their digital transformation plans since the COVID-19 outbreak?
    • How are businesses driving collaborations and responding with data insights in the current climate?
    • How are companies currently managing data compliance with more data moving to the cloud?

Attended by:

CIO at Tower Insurance
CIO at Environment Canterbury
CIO at Ipswich City Council
CISO at Optus
CDO at Equifax
CTO at Plann
CTO at Regional Facilities Auckland
Deputy Chief Executive at Stats NZ
Information Management Partner at AMP
Head of Data & Analytics Capability at Southern Cross Health Society
Head of Business Transformation at 2degrees
Head of Regulatory Affairs at ANZ Institutional 
Director of AI at SEEK
Director of Analytics & Transformation Hub of Mater
Associate Director of Regulatory & Data Governance at ANZ
GM of Data Management & Operations at Stats NZ
GM of Evidence & Insights at Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
GM & Expert in Residence at Darwin Innovation Hub
GM of Digital Architecture at Auckland Transport
Principal Architect of Data & Analytics at IAG
Managing Principal of Data & Analytics at Aon
Inmarsat of President at Global Government

1:00 pm: Guest to check-in online
1:05 pm: Introduction by Ortus Club
1:20 pm: Short address by Talend
1:35 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
2:15 pm: Discussion closed by the moderator

Hosted by Talend

John Studley moderator


Chief Analytics Officer, Head of Data Science | PwC Consulting Australia

John is passionate about helping people make sense of information, building trust in society and solving important problems. He pioneers projects that aim to be multi-self funding in year that ultimately drives growth, releases capacity for funding the sustainable embedded solutions and delivers bottom line impact. John holds an extensive background in analytics intelligence, data & analytics and AI Framework.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 13:00
Australia, New Zealand

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