Approaches for future-proofing data strategy in the cloud

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Wednesday, April 27th, 15:00 GMT+8

Data, InfoSec, IT, and Cloud leaders in the ASEAN region are invited to join this virtual roundtable on ‘Approaches for future-proofing data strategy in the cloud’.

An expert moderator will guide the knowledge-sharing event, stimulating discussion between participants in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a select number of guests per event.

Approaches for future-proofing data strategy in the cloud

Public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud: which one is best for business now, and how do leaders maximise flexibility in the future? How do companies ensure that those who need it can access the necessary data, wherever it resides?

Building a data-driven culture across the enterprise no longer has to add layers of complexity that impact business agility. As the growth and distribution of data continues, businesses must provide employees easy access to the data needed to make the right decisions. It is essential. Because where data flows, ideas follow.

  • What are organisations’ perspectives on cloud adoption? How does their data strategy impact their cloud strategy or vice versa?
  • Do leaders foresee any change to their approach in the next one to three years? How so?
  • When thinking about their data strategy, what changes concern leaders towards balancing the needs of today with the capabilities they will need in the future?

Attended by:

COO & Board Director at Rair Techonologies
CISO at GCash (Mynt – Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.)
CDO, Global Data Privacy and Data Governance Management at HSBC
SVP, CISO at HBL Microfinamce Bank
FVP / Digital Services Group: Digital Infrastructure and Operations Head at Bank of Commerce
Head of Axiata Group Analytics at Axiata Group Berhad
Head of Financial Crime Risk Operations MENAT and Global Lead Private Banking Transaction Monitoring at HSBC
Head of IT at ePLDT Inc.
IT Security and Compliance Officer at Okada Manila
Senior Audit Officer, Information Technology at Asian Development Bank
Officer In Charge – Managed IT, Business Apps and Emerging Technologies Innovation at PLDT Enterprise

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2:55 PM: Log in of the guests
3:00 PM: Welcome by The Ortus Club
3:05 PM: Introduction of participants
3:15 PM: Short address from Cloudera
3:20 PM: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
4:15 PM: End of session

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