Conversational AI and Automation: Transforming Traditional BPOs into Smart BPOs

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Tuesday, July 18th, 11:00 AM PHT

BPO leaders in Manila are invited to join this virtual masterclass on ‘Conversational AI and automation: Transforming traditional BPOs into Smart BPOs’.

Participants can expect a stimulating program in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a certain number of guests per event.

Conversational AI and Automation: Transforming Traditional BPOs into Smart BPOs

To revolutionize customer experiences, it’s important for BPOs and contact centers to leverage advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation to streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency. By doing so, they can automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and increase productivity. This allows them to handle the high volume of customer interactions and meet the increasing expectations of customers across various industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, travel and hospitality, and more. 

By embracing digital transformation and implementing an end-to-end conversational automation platform, BPOs, and contact centers can enhance customer experiences, improve CSAT scores, drive digital sales, streamline customer support processes, and optimize operational costs. This positions them to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their clients and customers. 

During this masterclass, we will touch upon the following:

  • How are BPOs today leveraging conversational AI to improve both the customer experience and agent experience?
  • What challenges do BPOs face in implementing greater automation and cutting-edge technologies into their existing operations?
  • What technologies, platforms, and strategies are BPO leaders exploring to reduce costs, improve agent performance, and ensure compliance?
  • How does improving operational efficiency in BPOs contribute to achieving higher margins and better profitability?
  • How can in-call guidance help improve agent performance in BPOs and contact centers?
  • How can the utilization of predictive analytics in BPOs and contact centers contribute to improving sales effectiveness, gaining insights into trends, and identifying points of friction?

Attended by leaders interested in discussing how BPOs can leverage AI and automation technologies to drive cost savings, unlock revenue streams, and engage customers while maintaining compliance.

Job titles may include CIO, CXO, VP/Head/Director of IT and CX, and other senior decision-makers.

11:00 AM Welcome address by The Ortus Club
11:05 AM Panel discussion
11:45 AM Q&A
12:20 PM End of session


Partner, Technology Consulting | KPMG

Gilbert leads the Digital Transformation and ERP Advisory service line within Technology Consulting, as well as the Operations offering within KPMG Lighthouse.

With a combined experience of 11 years as a Project Manager and Consultant, Gilbert possesses a diverse professional background. He has expertise in various areas, such as digital transformation, system implementation, cybersecurity, privacy, IT risk assessment, IT attestation and due diligence, internal audit, business process review, and IT advisory projects. His experience spans in dealing with numerous areas including financial services, fast-moving consumer goods, manufacturing, semi-conductors, telecommunications, entertainment, hospitals & health care, and construction.


Co-Founder & CEO | iCXeed

Arthur Nowak is an experienced software developer with a wealth of experience and a passion for exploring new technologies. With over a decade of expertise in the field, Arthur’s technical competencies in programming and software engineering have enabled him to consistently deliver innovative solutions.


Founder & CEO | Outsource Accelerator

Derek Gallimore is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator. With extensive experience in the outsourcing industry, Derek is a trusted expert in leveraging outsourcing to drive business growth and efficiency. His passion for helping companies succeed through outsourcing has made him a sought-after speaker and a valuable resource in the field.


Chief Technology Officer | EMAPTA

Scott is a proven senior IT executive given his vast experience and extensive track record of accomplishments across various industries. His advocacy for Open source strategies and technologies coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the eCommerce business has enabled him to deliver innovative solutions that are instrumental in supporting the company’s strategic plans and priorities.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023 11:00

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