Data + AI: The Future of Generosity

Thursday, December 7th, 18:00 CET

Nonprofit leaders in Berlin are invited to join this roundtable dinner on ‘Data + AI: The Future of Generosity’.

An expert moderator will guide the knowledge-sharing event, stimulating discussion between participants in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a select number of guests per event.

Hosted by Salesforce

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Data + AI: The Future of Generosity

In the evolving landscape of philanthropy, the amalgamation of Data and AI holds transformative potential. By integrating AI with strategic data handling and an optimized CRM, organisations can drastically enhance their fundraising techniques. One prominent advancement is the ability to personalize donor interactions at scale. 

Global trends underscore the significance of tailored experiences to ensure effective resource utilization. Moreover, AI equips organisations with the tools to radically prioritize their operations, unlocking unparalleled avenues for revenue generation, thereby amplifying their positive societal impact. However, it is paramount to approach AI with caution. Responsible AI usage is not just an obligation but an opportunity, encouraging organizations to harness the power of AI ethically, ensuring both innovation and integrity in advancing generosity.

  • How can AI-driven analytics identify and target potential high-value donors?
  • In what ways can personalization algorithms adapt to changing donor behaviors and preferences over time?
  • What measures should organizations implement to ensure the ethical collection and analysis of donor data using AI?

Join leaders interested in harnessing the transformative power of AI in reshaping philanthropy and crafting a more impactful and personalized donor experience.

Job titles may include NGO leaders, C-Level, VPs, Directors, as well as other senior decision-makers.


Systemic Transformation Strategist & Facilitator

Over 15 years as an expert in organisational transformation, creative process design and social innovation. David is an experienced facilitator, trainer and process design specialist who deploys cutting edge experimental approaches with conventional purpose driven wisdom to help organisations and teams better understand and adapt to the often complex and fast-changing environment they are operating in.

With a career spanning the corporate, not-for-profit and intergovernmental, David is recognised for the design, development, and delivery of systemic and strategic learning interventions for global organisations across six continents in various cross-cultural contexts. These interventions have been proven to build and strengthen leadership skills, drive radical innovation, embed digital transformation and ignite culture shifts at all levels of an organisation.

David passionately applies Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Exponential Technology and Behavioural Science to organisational development, vision and strategy creation, and the delivery of global projects. His leadership experience in these fields make him an excellent partner for scalable innovation and transformation processes. He is founding Partner of and currently holds the position as Co-Ceo for, he also serves as a member of the board for

6:00 PM: Arrival of guests
6:30 PM: Welcoming and opening address by The Ortus Club
6:40 PM: Short introduction by Salesforce
6:45 PM: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
7:15 PM: Appetizers are served
7:45 PM: Discussion ends, mains are served
8:15 PM: Desserts, coffee, drinks, and networking

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Thursday, December 7, 2023 18:00

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