Digital Transformation: The 8% Who Made It Happen

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Virtual Roundtable

Friday, May 15th, 10:30 HKT
An exclusive virtual discussion for IT and Technology Leaders in Hong Kong.

Digital Transformation: The 8% Who Made It Happen

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect the global economy, digitalisation has now become essential for operational resilience and to ensure business continuity. According to a Bain report, global companies tend to focus and invest in 4 main digital objectives: simplifying business processes, changing the way they engage with customers, redesigning products or services, and defining quantifiable objectives.

Nevertheless, only 8% of global companies were able to achieve their targeted business outcomes. But rather than looking at the 92% still struggling to find success, organisations should ask themselves how they can reach their targets by using technology to streamline business processes, unlock productivity and enable change. Digital transformation is no longer just an option but a requirement.

Best practices include AMEX GBT which managed to save 18,000 hours annually, gaining 99% of productive time; MGM which reached their 5-second agent response time goal on its primary chat-based support channel; or Virgin Trains which increased their customer satisfaction by 50 points, leading to a 20% reduction in operating costs.

  • Is there a secret formula to success? What is it?
  • What is it that most frequently represents a roadblock?
  • What are some of the hurdles and challenges that IT leaders are facing as a direct result of the global pandemic?

Attended by:

Deputy CTO at HKBN
Head of Technology at ICBC (ASIA)
GM of IT Infrastructure, Operations, and Security at Cathay Pacific
Group Director of Digital at Jardine Mattheson
Director of Digital Learning at Li & Fung
Director of Group Tech Services at FWD
AD of Information Security at Hong Kong Broadband Network

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Franco Chiam moderator


Digital and Innovation Lead, General Manager | Daimler South East Asia

Franco is a digital and innovation lead at Daimler in South East Asia. He is involved in IT projects involving system integration and data center operations with a strong focus on project planning at the most efficient time. He holds a strong technical skillset in IT technology and is able to liaison between technical and non-technical persons.

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Friday, May 15, 2020 10:30
Hong Kong

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