Driving Efficiencies in Social Housing Through Collaboration

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Thursday, November 30th, 18:00 GMT

Social Housing leaders in London are invited to join this roundtable dinner on ‘Driving Efficiencies in Social Housing Through Collaboration’.

An expert moderator will guide the knowledge-sharing event, stimulating discussion between participants in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a select number of guests per event.

Hosted by Salesforce

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Driving Efficiencies in Social Housing Through Collaboration

Collaboration in social housing can lead to remarkable efficiencies, ensuring resources reach those most in need. Organisations can work closely by establishing joint working groups, sharing data, and aligning their objectives. Shared resources could include pooling funds, technology platforms, or manpower to tackle housing challenges more holistically. For many, collaboration is a melding of vision, strategy, and action where mutual respect and trust are paramount. However, barriers such as competition, bureaucracy, and data protection concerns can hinder collaborative efforts. To overcome these, initiatives like piloting shared IT platforms, co-hosting community engagement events, and setting up multi-organisational task forces can be trialled. Embracing collaboration thus fosters innovation, drives efficiency, and ensures a more comprehensive approach to social housing challenges.

  • How are Social Housing leaders thinking about collaboration with their sector piers? What potential benefits could be unlocked through closer collaboration and what are the obstacles organisations need to overcome? 
  • How can collaborative training and education initiatives empower stakeholders in social housing?
  • What metrics and evaluation methods can be employed to measure the success of collaborative efforts in social housing?

Andaz Hotel – Minories Room

40 Liverpool Street, EC2M 7QN London, United Kingdom | Google Maps

The Ortus Club hosts knowledge-sharing discussions in the best private dining rooms in the world. These venues provide an elegant high-end atmosphere and impeccable table service.

Attended by:

Chief Executive Officer at HACT
Chief Marketing Officer at Stef & Philips
Head of Funding and Innovation at Southern Housing
Head of Strategic Engagement at Poplar HARCA
Head of Sustainability at Riverside
Head of Change Management at Notting Hill Genesis
Operations Director at Places for People
Director, Governance and Compliance at Peabody
Director of Assets and Operations at Sage Homes
Non Executive Director at Sutton Housing Partnership
Non-Executive Director at whg
Strategic Partnerships Manager at HSPG
Social Value Manager at Metropolitan Thames Valley
Communications Manager at Gateway Housing Association
Board Chair at Worthing Homes
Board Member at Thrive Homes UK

For insight on this event, photos and guest interactions, see our post on LinkedIn.

6:00 PM: Arrival of guests
6:30 PM: Welcoming and opening address by The Ortus Club
6:40 PM: Short introduction by Salesforce
6:45 PM: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
7:15 PM: Appetizers are served
7:45 PM: Discussion ends, mains are served
8:15 PM: Desserts, coffee, drinks, and networking

Event Detail

Thursday, November 30, 2023 18:00
Andaz Hotel

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