Enabling frontline workers for everywhere commerce

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Virtual Masterclass

Tuesday, August 24th, 13:00 ET

Senior executives in North America are invited to join this virtual masterclass on the topic “Enabling frontline workers for everywhere commerce”. The knowledge-sharing event will be guided by an expert moderator who will drive stimulating discussion between attendees in a closed and confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only, complementary and registration is limited to a certain number of guests per event.

This event is part of a special “Café Series,” which delivers an engaging discussion on hard-hitting topics and provides a complimentary metal coffee tumbler, artisan coffee, and virtual entertainment.


Enabling frontline workers for everywhere commerce

The acceleration of eCommerce adoption is redefining the role of physical and digital channels. Alongside this, consumer behavior and market trends continue to evolve fast, including the desire to merge offline and online purchase journeys.

While customers increasingly demand unique shopping experiences, key players are increasing their use of employee engagement technology to support the front lines of “experiential” retail.

  • What challenges do brands commonly face as they provide shopping experiences beyond the traditional customer expectations?
  • What can companies do to enable frontline workers in the store to support the customer’s experiential retail journey?
  • What does the future of retail look like as technology advances and physical stores begin to reopen?

Job titles include senior executives and other decision-makers in Customer Service, Call Center and Store Operations from the Consumer Goods industry across North America.

12:45 PM: Live Music
1:00 PM: Check-in and Welcome
1:05 PM: Trends in the Industry
1:10 PM: Interactive Session
1:40 PM: Presentation from Avanade, Real-world Examples
1:50 PM: Live Music

Hosted by Avanade and Microsoft


Brion Reusche


Worldwide Solution Strategy Director | Microsoft

Barry Givens


Customer Care Lead | Avanade

Sue McMahon


Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Advisor | Microsoft