Enabling frontline workers for everywhere commerce

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Virtual Roundtable

Thursday, January 27th, 16:00 EST

Customer support and Ops leaders in North America are invited to join this virtual roundtable on “Enabling frontline workers for everywhere commerce”.

An expert moderator will guide the knowledge-sharing event, stimulating discussion between participants in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a select number of guests per event.

This event is part of a special “Café Series,” which delivers an engaging discussion on hard-hitting topics and provides a complimentary metal coffee tumbler, artisan coffee, and virtual entertainment.


Enabling frontline workers for everywhere commerce

A great customer service experience drives revenue, profitability, and loyalty. In addition, it encourages customers to pay a premium for products, order more, and refer other customers. In fact, studies show that loyal customers are 5X more likely to repeat order and 4X more likely to refer new customers.

A bad customer service experience is a high cost to brand loyalty. Studies show that one in three customers will abandon a brand from a bad experience, and acquiring new customers is 5X more costly than retaining an existing customer. As a result, forward-thinking organizations should prioritize customer experience.

  • How can companies empower customer service teams to support experiential journeys?
  • What tools, including next-gen CRM and self-service capabilities, are proving essential to the modern retail experience?
  • How are companies adapting their strategies to ensure continued personalization, relevance, transparency, and simplicity across their operations?

Join leaders interested in discussing how leading organizations deliver unique shopping experiences using new technology.

Job titles may include COO, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Retail Officer, Head of Operations, Head of Customer Service, Store Operations Director, Call Center Director, and others.

4:00 pm: Ortus Master of Ceremonies to make introductions
4:05 pm: Short introduction from Avanade
4:15 pm:
 Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group

5:15 pm: End of session

Hosted by Avanade

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Thursday, January 27, 2022 16:00
North America

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