How Real-Time Data is Helping the Telecomms Industry Manage Emerging Risks

Telco leaders in EMEA are invited to join this virtual roundtable on ‘How real-time data is helping the Telecom industry manage emerging risks’. It is a great opportunity to meet senior peers facing similar challenges and to discuss the steps organisations are taking to set themselves up for success.

An expert moderator will guide this knowledge-sharing event, stimulating discussion between attendees in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a certain number of guests per event.

How real-time data is helping the telco industry manage emerging risks

From unexpected challenges to an unprecedented demand for new ways of working, 2020 was a pivotal year for sector-wide change. Digital transformation, above all else, became a key business lever towards resilience, and telco leaders now look to one asset in particular for sustained momentum: data.

Through the rapid (and successful) adoption of real-time data throughout their operations, companies can be better positioned to address more than just shifting consumer attitudes. They can gain a competitive advantage with the help of innovative technology, enabling them to reinforce security measures and mitigate risk.

In our roundtable we will discuss:

  • How can access to real-time information help protect assets, staff, and retail shops, ensuring business continuity?
  • As the volume of publicly available data continues to increase, how are analysts sorting through what is impactful and what is not?
  • How can protecting assets also protect communities at large?
  • What is necessary to achieve this 360-degree view to help mitigate and manage risk?

Job titles include CSOs, CISOs and other senior decision-makers responsible for security in the EMEA region.

11:00 am: Ortus Master of Ceremonies to make introductions
11:05 am: Short introduction from Dataminr
11:45 am:
 Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
12:15 pm: End of session

Hosted by Dataminr


Event Detail

November 9, 2021 11:00
Europe, Middle East, Africa

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