How to navigate constant change in a privacy-centric era

Tuesday, February 1st, 14:00 EST

Marketing leaders in North America are invited to join this virtual roundtable on “How to navigate constant change in a privacy-centric era”.

Sunil Bhagwan, Vice President of Strategy at AppsFlyer will join participants to share his mobile marketing and analytics experiences and expertise. An expert moderator will guide the knowledge-sharing event, stimulating discussion in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a select number of guests per event.

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How to navigate constant change in a privacy-centric era

New products and services may catch consumers’ attention, but exceptional user experiences are what help brands truly stand out. Moreover, with the advent of iOS 14+, Android 12, GDPR, CCPA, and a cookieless future, privacy is now at the forefront of customer engagement. How then are companies adapting?

The power of an optimized customer journey cannot be understated, particularly within mobile applications. The challenge is balancing the need for contextual data with respect for consent. This is where innovative tools come in, enabling companies to view privacy as a catalyst for success rather than an obstacle to it.

  • What steps have companies taken in response to a greater focus on end-user privacy?
  • From retention (remarketing) to measurability (ATT consent), what goals do companies have for onboarding users?
  • How has data science redefined the analytics process (aggregate vs. user-level data, AI, predictive analytics, etc.)?
  • Should companies integrate privacy into their overall messaging, not just within their apps? What impact could it have?

Join leaders interested in learning more about building great products, creating exceptional experiences, and preserving customer privacy.

Job titles may include Chiefs, Heads, VPs, and Directors responsible for marketing, product and customer experience in North America.

2:00 PM: Ortus Master of Ceremonies to make introductions
2:10 PM: Short introduction from AppsFlyer
2:15 PM: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
3:15 PM: End of session

Hosted by AppsFlyer

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Sunil Bhagwan speaker


VP of Strategy, NA | AppsFlyer

Sunil Bhagwan, Vice President, Strategy at AppsFlyer is focused on accelerating the brand’s North American presence. Sunil has over 20 years of mobile marketing and analytics experience and expertise. Previously, he held the roles Head of Mobile Sales at Criteo and AD-X. He started his career at WebSideStory, the first SaaS analytics platform.

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February 1, 2022 14:00
North America

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