How to overcome the skills challenge when accelerating your digital transformation

We bring together the decision-makers in charge of the digital transformation of large companies in an exceptional setting to discuss the challenges of “Digital Talent Transformation”.

A professional moderator will guide the event, to ensure an interactive discussion between participants in a private and confidential environment. Participation is free and by invitation only. Places are limited to a limited number of guests.

Is the lack of digital skills and the shortage of talents hindering digital transformation

A real lever for growth, digital transformation is an essential transition for maintaining the competitiveness of your company. In the current context, the company’s ability to support the acquisition of new skills, promote mobility and accelerate recruitment in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cloud computing or cybersecurity, are real challenges of this transformation.

  • What are the obstacles to digital transformation and employee retention?
  • How do you accelerate productivity while ensuring employee satisfaction?
  • What solutions to overcome the shortage of talent on the market?

Join several decision-makers and experts from major companies to share your vision and learn more about the digital transformation challenges of 2022.

Job titles may include CIO, Deputy CIO, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Deputy Chief Human Resource Officer, VP Talent Acquisition, and Chief Learning Officer.

6:30 PM: Arrival of guests and reception
7:00 PM: Welcome by The Ortus Club
7:10 PM: Short address from Udacity
7:15 PM: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
8:15 PM: Discussion brought to a close and networking continued over dinner
10:00 PM: Guests begin to leave

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Thursday, June 23, 2022 18:30

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