It only takes one: Navigating cyberthreats for safer digital transformation

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IT, Network, and Security leaders in Malaysia are invited to join this in-person masterclass on ‘It only takes one: Navigating cyberthreats for safer digital transformation’.

Participants can expect a stimulating program in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is complimentary and by invitation only.

It only takes one: Navigating cyberthreats for safer digital transformation

Digital transformation is back at full throttle, proving itself critical to business growth and resilience. With  innovation comes an expanded cyberattack surface and accelerated cyberthreats. Dispersed sites and workforces, terabytes of data generated and collected, and a growing enterprise loT environment—all are critical for business, all are potential gateways for bad actors. All it takes is one vulnerability for cybercriminals to access critical company data, expose personally identifiable information (PII), and compromise business operations.

IT and business leaders at the helm of their company’s digital initiatives must stay ahead of the cyberthreat curve. This Masterclass delivers front-line knowledge, experiences, and practical insights from global experts and business leaders on advanced technologies and practices for securing the digital enterprise.

Securing the distributed enterprise & hybrid workforce

  • What are the key security and network challenges faced by leaders today in terms of infrastructure, cost, and expertise?
  • Are Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions the right approach for your business? 
  • Can SASE be better adapted for enterprises in Asia in terms of design, cost, and management?

Protecting the enterprise xIoT attack surface 

  • Does your IT organisation have full, granular visibility into all embedded devices on your enterprise network?
  • As this IoT ecosystem continues to expand, can your organization effectively monitor, identify, and manage vulnerabilities and potential threats without adding more complexity to an already-taxed IT team?

Focused defense against ransomware attack

  • Ransomware attacks have become highly lucrative and increasingly pervasive. How are IT security architectures presently protecting against such attacks? 
  • What are the best practices and latest innovations for businesses to protect specifically against ransomware?

Join leaders interested in prioritizing highly-performant cybersecurity measures to ensure safe and successful digital transformation amidst increasing cyberthreats.

Job titles may include CEO, CSO, CISO, CTO, CIO, Head/VP/Director/Manager of Security and IT and other senior decision-makers involved in cybersecurity and IT.

11:00 AM: Arrival of guests and reception
11:30 AM: Welcome by ViewQwest & The Ortus Club
11:35 AM: Session 1: Securing the distributed enterprise & hybrid workforce
12:40 PM: Lunch and Networking
1:35 PM: Session 2: Protecting the enterprise xIoT attack surface
2:30 PM: Coffee/Tea Break and Networking
2:55 PM: Session 3: Focused defense againt ransomware attack
3:50 PM: Closing remarks
5:00 PM: Cocktails

Hosted by ViewQwest

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