Risk and Resilience Management in the Face of the Unexpected

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Virtual Roundtable

Tuesday, March 16th, 16:00 EST
An exclusive online discussion for senior security leaders in the healthcare, technology and retail sectors across the United States.

Risk and Resilience Management in the Face of the Unexpected

The past year’s unprecedented events have brought the concept of risk management to a whole new level. As they adapt to a revolutionized business landscape, companies worldwide are also keeping an eye out for future challenges. 

In the coming months, organizations are expected to continue to stand ready to face multiple threats and crises which can damage physical property, brand reputation and people. In light of the increased vulnerability to both digital and physical risk, relying on real-time threat detection becomes all the more important. By gaining instant insight into preventable risks, organizations can effectively respond to disruptions and quickly recover.

  • What is the impact of strategic risk management on business continuity?
  • How can the targeted use of AI support business resilience?
  • What technologies can enable the early detection and instant notification of threats?

Attended by:

CRO at Lincoln Financial Group
VP of Business Resilience at Honeywell
VP of Quality, Safety & Risk Management at OSF Healthcare
VP of Security Operations at Unisys
Director of System Patient Safety at Houston Methodist 
Director of Emergency Services at Stanford Health Care
Director of Infection Prevention at Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Director of System Infection Prevention at SCL Health
Director of Asset Protection & Risk Management  at Salvatore Ferragamo
Director of Administrative Emergency Services at Christus Health
Manager of Risk Management Communications at Iron Mountain 
Manager of Infection Prevention at UCHealth Broomfield Hospital

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Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
5:15 pm: 
End of session

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021 16:00
United States

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