RPA: The Future of Digital Workforce in the Transportation and Logistics Sector

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Virtual Roundtable

Tuesday, April 28th, 14:00 SGT
An exclusive online discussion for Transportation, Shipping, and Logistics executives of prominent firms in Singapore.

RPA: The Future of Digital Workforce in the Transportation and Logistics Sector 

With companies facing unprecedented challenges responding to the novel coronavirus outbreak, protecting the well-being of workers, reinventing the way they work and maintaining business continuity is critical. Robotic software is ready to move to a more visible role in the corporate world: businesses can automate mundane rules-based processes and maintain business continuity with a 24/7 digital workforce.

Logistics, shipping and transportation professionals have a lot to gain from this technology that is already agitating the industry’s workflow and driving its growth. Although automation is sometimes seen as a threat to jobs, logistics operators can actually simplify their daily operations with RPA.

Could RPA then be the solution to the ever-growing need to advance in technology in the transportation and logistics sector?

  • How widely are software technologies currently deployed throughout operations?
  • What are the main benefits and pitfalls of RPA?
  • How is process automation shaping the future of logistics and what are the practical realities of an automated future?
  • What benefits and security risks should organisations consider when evaluating automation platforms?

Attended by:

Executive Chairman at X-Press Feeders
CEO at ICF International
CFO at DHL eCommerce
CFO at ICF International
COO at ICF International
CIO at Titan Aviation Leasing
Managing Director at MSC
Managing Director at Humanize Logistics
Managing Director at Advanced Maritime Transports
Managing Director at DSV – Global Transport and Logistics
Global Head of Recruiting at Gojek
Group Head of Corporate Development, Network & Connectivity at YCH Group
Group Head, Legal, Claims & Insurance at X-Press Feeders
Head of Global Operations at X-Press Feeders
Head of Operations Excellence at Gojek
Head Of Commercial Operations APAC at CHAMP Cargosystems
SVP, Global Operations at Toll Global Forwarding
VP, Group Procurement at Singapore Post
VP, Future Systems & Technology at SBS Transit
VP, Human Resources at BDP International
VP, Chemical Logistics, Asia Pacific at Agility
VP at ComfortDelGro
VP at Seaco Global
AVP, Strategic Development and Operational Excellence at SATS
AVP, Operations Planning and Development at Singapore Post
AVP, International Mail & VAS at Singapore Post
Director, Global Agency Development at Addicon Logistics Management
General Manager, Sustainable Development at The China Navigation Company
General Manager at YCH Group
General Manager, Information Systems at MSC

2:00 pm: Guest to check-in online
2:05 pm: Introduction by Ortus Club
2:20 pm: Logistics Industry and Digital Workforce by SK Lau
2:35 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
3:15 pm: Discussion closed by the moderator

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020 14:00

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