The Data and IT Executives’ Breakfast: The Blueprint for AI Readiness

Tuesday, July 30th, 08:30 SGT

Data, IT, and Cloud leaders in Singapore are invited to join a stimulating discussion on the topic of ‘The Blueprint for AI Readiness: Data Governance and Strategy Insights’.

Participants can expect a stimulating program in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary.

The Blueprint for AI Readiness: Data Governance and Strategy Insights

Unlock the secrets to AI readiness through effective data governance and strategic management in this masterclass. Discover how to build a robust data strategy that fosters a data-driven culture and drives organizational growth. This session will delve into the transformative impact of data intelligence, exploring how trusted and governed data is essential for AI initiatives. Learn to navigate the challenges of creating a mature, data-centric culture and implement strategies that ensure data governance frameworks are both effective and adaptable.

Join us for an interactive and insightful discussion where industry experts will share real-world experiences and best practices for leveraging data intelligence. Gain valuable insights into overcoming common obstacles and driving innovation through strategic data management. This session offers a unique opportunity to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and enhance your organization’s approach to data governance and AI readiness.

Key Learning Takeaways:

  1. How can trusted and governed data enhance AI readiness and drive organizational growth?
  2. What are the main challenges in fostering a mature, data-centric culture within an organization?
  3. What strategies have you found effective for implementing adaptable data governance frameworks in your organization?

The Dutch Pavilion @Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

22 Orange Grove Road 258350 Singapore | Google Maps

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Join leaders interested in leveraging the power of Generative AI and Large Language Models to revolutionize decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation in various industry verticals.

Job titles may include Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Scientist, Head of Data Governance, Head of Data Management, Head of Data Analytics, Head of Business Intelligence, Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Cloud, Head of Enterprise Infrastructure, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and other senior decision-makers.

Shivram Ramakrishnan

CDIO | Olam Global Agri Pte. Limited


CEO & Co-Founder | Alation

8:30 AM Guests Arrive
9:00 AM Welcoming and opening address by Alation
9:10 AM Keynote by Satyen Sangari, CEO Alation
9:25 AM Fireside Chat: Over breakfast
9:50 AM Q & A
10:20 AM Discussion ends
10:30 AM Guests are encouraged to continue networking over Coffee

Hosted by Alation