The future of data management: from collecting data to connecting data

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Virtual Roundtable

Thursday, May 20th, 14:00 MYT

An exclusive online discussion for senior data and analytics leaders in Malaysia.


The future of data management: from collecting data to connecting data

The high costs associated with collecting and storing company information make it increasingly important for enterprises to find efficient and cost-effective ways to manage and interpret their data. From knowing where to find the next customer to forecasting to prevent fraud and potential information leaks, understanding data is vital for complex decision-making on company growth and security. 

Interconnecting a company’s datasets require skilled developers to create intelligent and purpose-built applications. Moreover, the specific demands on these applications in usability and real-time reporting are higher than ever before. 

  • How can companies extract true value from data?
  • What qualities are needed for databases to deliver actionable insights?
  • Why is real-time dataset connection crucial for business?

2:00 pm: Welcome by The Ortus Club and short address from Neo4j & Dataiku
2:15 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
3:15 pm: Discussion brought to a close

Hosted by Neo4j and Dataiku


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Thursday, May 20, 2021 14:00

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