The metaverse experience in IT: Is financial services ready?

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The metaverse experience in IT: Is financial services ready?

You have heard it before. “The metaverse is here.” But what is it exactly? And why does this next evolution of the internet matter to banks, insurance, and wealth management firms? The metaverse spans physical places and digital spaces and has the potential to fundamentally alter the way people collaborate and exchange value through shared interactions and experiences. It will change the way we understand and relate to data.

While industry leaders are keen to explore the edges of this emerging technology, they may not fully understand how to ground it in actual business objectives, such as improved employee and customer experiences, let alone prepare for it. The definition and boundaries are still taking shape, and adoption in the sector is changing by the hour. Leaders need to define what the metaverse means to them today or risk losing out tomorrow.

  • Why is it important for financial services institutions to evolve with the metaverse in mind?
  • What considerations should financial services firms be thinking about to be metaverse-ready?
  • What is feasible for financial services firms to derive value from the metaverse today? In 12 months? In 24 months?

Attended by:

CMO and SVP at Navy Federal Credit Union
Chief Enterprise Architect at Intuit
VP of Director of Strategy & Business Ventures for Consumer & Small Business at Bank of America
VP of Digital Channels at First Republic Bank
Head of Cyber Solutions – APAC & Global Head of Cyber Risk Consulting at Aon plc
Managing Director of Portfolio Retention at Homepoint
Strategic Marketing Director at Homepoint
Director of Marketing at Guaranteed Rate
Director of PR at United Wholesale Mortgage

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4:00 PM: Welcome by The Ortus Club and short address from Avanade
4:15 PM: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
5:15 PM: End of session

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