Unlocking Loyalty and Growth: Leveraging Conversational AI and Insights in Telco

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Thursday, July 27th, 09:30 AM AEST

Telco leaders in the ANZ region are invited to join this virtual masterclass on ‘Unlocking Loyalty and Growth: Leveraging Conversational AI and Insights in Telco’.

Participants can expect a stimulating program in a closed, confidential environment. Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Registration is limited to a certain number of guests per event.

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Unlocking Loyalty and Growth: Leveraging Conversational AI and Insights in Telco

Customer churn continues to weigh heavily on telecommunications companies. 60% of consumers consider switching to a competitor after two or fewer bad interactions, while 17% consider leaving after just one. In a highly competitive industry, where acquiring new customers can be costly and challenging, retaining existing customers becomes paramount. 

Poor customer service doesn’t just fuel churn but also impacts new subscriber acquisition and profitability. By focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty, companies can safeguard their revenue and maximise the lifetime value of their customer base. Prioritising customer happiness involves delivering exceptional experiences, addressing pain points promptly, and offering personalised solutions. By investing time and resources in retaining and nurturing existing customers, telecommunication companies can build strong relationships, foster loyalty, and ensure a sustainable revenue stream. 

During this masterclass, we will touch upon the following:

  • How AI-powered solutions can enhance customer experience by providing personalized and efficient customer support, reducing customer effort
  • Leveraging data insights to deliver targeted recommendations and tailored promotions to meet individual customer needs, enhancing loyalty and reducing churn.  
  • How real-time guidance to agents can resolve customer issues more effectively  
  • Utilising AI and analytics to identify customer demands, develop new service offerings, and deliver enhanced experiences that meet evolving customer needs. 
  • Taking proactive measures to retain at-risk customers by analysing customer interactions and identifying churn indicators

Join leaders interested in discussing the growing need for AI adoption and technological transformation to counter increasingly exorbitant costs of customer acquisition and agent hiring.

Job titles may include CIOs, CXOs, VPs, Heads, & Directors of IT & CX managers and other senior decision-makers.

9:30 AM Welcome address by The Ortus Club
9:40 AM Keynote by Uniphore
10:00 AM Panel discussion
10:40 AM Q&A
10:50 AM End of session


Sr Industry Principal – Communication Call strategy | Uniphore

30+ years of experience in business & technology consulting, program management & delivery, solution selling, product management, and custom software development. With Uniphore, he helps clients adopt Cloud and Conversational AI, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to create new experiences across customer journeys such as sales, care, retention, and field service.

He also assists organizations leverage data, analytics, AI and automation to make every conversation a great experience.

Hosted by Uniphore

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