Will Digital Help Us Thrive in this New Reality?

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Virtual Roundtable

Thursday, July 2nd, 10:30 SGT
An exclusive online discussion for business leaders in Singapore.

Will Digital Help Us Thrive in this New Reality?

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have imagined the economic disruption that we were about to experience. And now, even the most optimistic predictions indicate that recovery will take a long time and it is likely that Business will never look the same again. 

A number of studies show that countries and organisations with better digital readiness have experienced less of a slowdown as they were able to quickly adapt their business models. Some of the factors which ease the adaptation process are having a more developed payment and business platform, a remote working culture and improved infrastructures.

Many companies have put temporary strategies in place to help their businesses survive, and are now evaluating what it will take to go from “doing it light” to “doing it right”.

  • What are some of the hurdles and challenges that business leaders are facing as a direct result of the global pandemic?
  • What measures are IT leaders implementing to overcome these challenges?
  • How can digital transformation help businesses survive the new normal? Which are the best business strategies for digital readiness?

Attended by:

CEO at Siemens Mobility
COO at Johnson Controls 
Chief Operating Officer & Head of Digital at HSBC
VP of Innovation Office at SAP
Regional Head of IT User Engagement & Partner Management at Siemens
Head of IT Strategy, Architecture & Governance at Roche
Head of Multi-Channel & Digital Innovation at Aventis Pharma Manufacturing
Head of Data Partnerships & Customer Analytics at AXA
Head of Technology at Prudential Finance
Head of Customer Data Analytics & Customer Management at DBS Bank
Head of Digital Enterprise at Allianz
Head of Technology Account Management Asia Pacific at JLL
VP of Transformation & Adoption at SAP Ariba
VP of Technology at JPMorgan Chase
VP at Citibank
Director of CFCC at Standard Chartered
Director of Data Center Vertical Market at Johnson Controls
General Manager of Digital & Innovation at Daimler

10:20 am: Guests to check-in online
10:30 am: Welcome by The Ortus Club
10:40 am: Introduction of participants
10:50 am: Short address from Dell Technologies
11:00 am: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
11:30 am: End of session

Hosted by Dell Technologies, VMware, and Intel

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Kris Wadia moderator


Global Interim Executive and Board Director

Kris is based in Singapore and has a proven track record of successful launches, rapid growth and transformations of businesses at scale globally across multiple industries. He previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Digital Professional Services at KBZ Bank where he managed the creation & nationwide implementation of the Digital Professional Services division that comprised 25% of the workforce from Myanmar’s leading bank. Kris uses his knowledge, skills, experience and network for clients that impose cross-cultural leadership & transformation expertise.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020 10:30

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