What is B2B Event Marketing? Types, Benefits & Best Practices

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B2B event marketing enables your business to reach a targeted audience, strengthen brand awareness, and foster valuable relationships with key decision-makers in your industry. Whether you’re a seasoned event marketer or just starting out, the comprehensive guide below will equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tips to create impactful and memorable experiences to drive business growth!

Understanding B2B Event Marketing

B2B event marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on creating and leveraging events to engage and connect with business professionals meaningfully. The primary goal of B2B events is to facilitate valuable interactions that lead to partnerships and sales opportunities. Unlike consumer-oriented or B2C events, B2B events are designed to foster networking, showcase offerings, and generate qualified leads between businesses.

Types of B2B Events

Understanding the different types of B2B events is crucial in selecting the most suitable strategy for your business objectives in the B2B markets. Align your marketing goals with the most effective event formats to achieve maximum impact and engagement with the list of B2B event marketing formats below:

1. Trade shows

Attend trade shows to showcase your products, services, and innovations to industry professionals and potential customers. These B2B events offer excellent networking opportunities and allow you to gain exposure within your specific industry or niche.

2. Conferences

Participate in conferences that bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals. Provide valuable insights, educational sessions, and networking opportunities to help you stay up-to-date with industry trends and expand your professional network with this B2B event marketing strategy.

3. Product Launches

Introduce and showcase new offerings to potential customers, influencers, and media by hosting product launch B2B events to generate excitement, create buzz around your products, and allow you to gather immediate feedback.

4. Sponsorship Events

Consider sponsoring events or partnering with other organisations to increase brand visibility and reach a relevant audience. Sponsorship opportunities provide access to event attendees and various promotional avenues to enhance brand recognition.

5. User Group Events

Organise user group events to bring together your existing customers or users. Initiating B2B marketing user group events fosters community, encourages knowledge sharing, and provides a platform for gathering feedback and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Experiential Marketing Events

Engage your audience through experiential marketing events that create immersive and memorable experiences. Engaging in these B2B event marketing allows participants to interact directly with your brand and offerings to build valuable connections and leave a lasting impression.

7. Charity Events

Participate in or host charity events to give back to the community while promoting your brand. Partnering with non-profit organisations provides an opportunity to raise funds, create awareness, and demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.

Benefits of B2B Event Marketing

When it comes to planning your B2B event marketing strategies, there are numerous benefits that you can gain by leveraging events to promote your business. Here’s a list of 10 benefits you can enjoy with B2B event marketing:

1. Lead generation

Engaging in meaningful conversations and collecting contact information leads to new business opportunities. B2B events provide excellent opportunities to generate valuable and relevant leads by connecting with potential customers actively seeking solutions or products in your industry.

2. Enhanced Brand Exposure

Through strategic B2B event marketing, you can create a memorable brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on attendees, increasing brand recognition and awareness. Participating in B2B events allows you to showcase your brand and offerings to a targeted audience.

3. Networking Opportunities

B2B events bring together industry professionals, influencers, and potential partners. Attending these events gives you a platform to network, establish valuable connections, and build relationships with key individuals in your industry. These connections can lead to collaboration, partnerships, and future business opportunities.

4. Improving brand visibility

By actively participating in B2B events, you can increase your brand’s visibility. Showcasing your offerings, delivering engaging presentations, or sponsoring critical elements of an event can help you stand out from the competition and attract the attention of your target audience.

5. Customer Retention

B2B events offer a chance to engage and nurture existing customers. Hosting user group events, exclusive networking sessions or customer appreciation events can reinforce customer loyalty, build stronger relationships, and encourage repeat business.

6. Tangible ROI

With proper planning and measurement, event marketing can provide a tangible return on investment. By tracking metrics such as lead conversions, sales revenue, or brand mentions, you can assess the impact and effectiveness of your B2B event marketing efforts.

7. Strategic Partnerships

B2B events provide a fertile ground for forming strategic partnerships. Explore collaborative opportunities, expand your reach, and tap into new markets by connecting with complementary businesses or industry influencers.

8. Market Research and Insights

B2B events offer a valuable opportunity to gather market research and insights. Interacting with attendees, conducting surveys or focus groups, and listening to industry experts can provide helpful information about your industry and market.

9. Competitive Advantage

Active participation in industry B2B events can give you a competitive edge. Stay visible and up-to-date with the latest industry developments to position your business as the industry thought leader, drive growth with B2B event marketing and set yourself apart from competitors.

10. Business Development

Attending B2B events allows you to connect with potential clients, strategic partners, and industry influencers who can contribute to your business’s growth. These executive interactions provide a platform for meaningful conversations that allow you to showcase your offerings to a receptive audience.

B2B Event Marketing Case Studies and Success Stories

Your business can rely on B2B events to increase the overall results of your marketing efforts and ensure success for your bottom line. Here 3 companies who have reaped (and enjoyed!) the results of their B2B event marketing strategies:

Protegrity: Case Study

Protegrity partnered with The Ortus Club to host 13 successful knowledge-sharing B2B events worldwide that engaged 154 senior executives through 8 in-person events across 6 major cities and 5 virtual events—targeting executive leaders in APAC, North America, and EMEA.

The collaboration resulted in 68 attendees seeking assessments of their data protection measures and recommendations for more secure solutions. Read more about how the partnership’s success has prompted plans for continued collaboration in B2B lead generation activities in 2023.

Cloudflare: Case Study

In 2022, Cloudflare partnered with The Ortus Club to raise awareness about innovations in Zero Trust technology across multiple industries in North America, engage critical prospects in the region and generate high-level leads for their Zero Trust initiatives.

These B2B event marketing efforts aimed to establish new business relationships with top-level executives from leading organisations. Discover how Cloudflare and The Ortus Club reached new heights with B2B events.

AWS: Case Study

AWS collaborated with The Ortus Club to host 16 successful knowledge-sharing B2B events in the Asia-Pacific, comprising 7 in-person gatherings and 9 virtual events, engaging 206 senior executives.

The overall attendance rate reached an impressive 81.8%. Over 50 attendees requested follow-up contacts with AWS to evaluate their cloud-driven business strategies and explore long-term solutions. Learn more about these events and how AWS plans to partner with The Ortus Club with 10 upcoming events this 2023.

Partner with The Ortus Club for B2B Event Marketing Best Practices

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, B2B events have played a pivotal role in connecting businesses and fostering spaces for knowledge-sharing. Whether you’re looking to connect with C-level executives or expand your network, The Ortus Club’s events offer a unique platform to engage with your target audience.

By partnering with The Ortus Club for your event marketing needs, you can reach your business customers through the power of B2B event marketing. Contact us today to learn more!

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