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Harnessing digital technologies: A new era of efficiency in manufacturing

October 3, 2023 | Tuesday | 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM ICT


Harnessing digital technologies: A new era of efficiency in manufacturing

In the era of data-driven digital transformation, the manufacturing sector is undergoing a remarkable evolution. Cloud-connected manufacturing systems are enabling manufacturers to seamlessly connect, scale and automate operations and bring new insights from the plant edge to decision-makers in near-real time. By leveraging massive IoT connectivity, operators and business functions alike can now garner insights and collaborate in near real-time on the state of plant operations, supply chains and customer demand signals, allowing more timely actionable insights that improve cost and productivity and even enable net new business models.

Manufacturers are acquiring more data in one hour today than was acquired in one entire year 2 decades ago! The challenge is to manage this enterprise data cohesively and leverage it efficiently against key business challenges. Establishing a solid enterprise data foundation as a source of truth across a business democratises available insights and enhances business and product innovation. Moreover, the emerging technologies of Generative AI and autonomous plant operations with a tightly integrated supply chain all depend on a solid data foundation relevant to the manufacturers’ own environment. 

As the borders between IT and OT continue to dissolve, one can only imagine what breakthroughs the future may hold, poised at the intersection of technological innovation and industrial excellence.

  • How is the integration of GenAI, IoT, and machine learning improving operational efficiency in manufacturing?
  • What role does cloud computing play in fostering global collaboration and secure data storage in the manufacturing sector?
  • How are digital transformations paving the way for the fourth industrial revolution and promoting sustainability in manufacturing?

Attended by:

Group CIO at RMA Group Company Limited
CEO at IPD Packaging Co.
SVP Digital at B.Grimm Pharma
Global VP, Risk Management & Business Continuity Management at Indorama Ventures PCL
Head of IT APAC at BayWa r.e. APAC
Head of Cloud and Infrastructure Services at SCG

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11:30 AM
Arrival of guests and reception


12:00 PM
Welcome by The Ortus Club


12:05 PM
Short address from AWS


12:20 PM
Fireside Chat


12:50 PM
Discussion initiated by the moderator and continued by the group


1:40 PM
Discussion brought to a close and guests


2:00 PM
Coffee, tea, and networking

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