How This Software Firm Used OrtusX to Strengthen Their Partner Relationship

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In the intricate dance of the software industry, relationships with B2B event marketing partners aren’t just essential—they’re pivotal. For one particular software firm, navigating this space took on a new dimension with the introduction of OrtusX. Join us as we dive into their transformative journey, and explore how leveraging OrtusX reshaped and fortified their partner dynamics.

Achieving hypergrowth and traction in startups 8

Celigo approached OrtusX to solidify the relationship with their partner, Zangabee. Although the two companies had been working together for over a year, their teams wanted to get to know each other better to function as a unified group. The one-year anniversary of their partnership provided an opportunity to host a team-building event unlike any other.

The occasion was headlined by a beer-tasting session, which attendees thoroughly enjoyed and only wished had lasted longer. Because it was not a typical roundtable discussion, there was no need to rush into a rigorous program, leaving room for engaging activities: company trivia, a virtual scavenger hunt, and more. Participants even insisted on staying on after the program had ended.

Strengthening Partnerships With OrtusX

The power of the right tools in enhancing and fortifying business relationships. OrtusX didn’t merely serve as a B2B event marketing platform; it acted as the linchpin, bridging gaps and fostering a deeper, more cohesive bond with partners. In an industry where relationships are as crucial as the software itself, the firm’s strategic embrace of OrtusX underscores a broader lesson for us all: with the right digital ally, we can elevate partnerships to unparalleled heights.


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