Humanising B2B Lead Generation Strategies

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Despite today’s hyper-digitalised world, B2B marketing has seen a compelling shift where the once impersonal lead generation process is transforming to become more human-centric. This shift in perspective, where relationships take precedence over transactions, redefines traditional norms and brings new life into the B2B marketing landscape.

B2B lead generation is no longer about simply having a product or service; it’s about establishing genuine connections, understanding human needs, and offering tailored solutions. Explore the ‘humanisation’ of lead generation strategies and what it means for your B2B marketing with the blog below!


4 Steps in Humanising Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts

What does it mean to humanise your B2B marketing campaigns? Discover practical strategies for making your campaigns more personable and effective to ensure your audience feels valued and engaged in the section below.

1. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes

Understanding your buyers is more than just knowing their business needs; it’s about empathising with their goals and pain points. Immerse yourself in their perspective by creating detailed buyer personas and using them to guide your B2B lead generation strategies. Doing so tailors your messaging to resonate profoundly and build more personal connections.

2. Avoid business jargon

Clear and accessible communication is the key to making your audience feel understood and valued. While industry-specific terms can sometimes be necessary, too much business jargon can alienate your prospects and make your content feel impersonal. Remember that your goal is to communicate value, not confuse B2B sales leads.

3. Encourage employees to be social

Today’s buyers trust human voices more than they do corporate statements. To foster this trust, encourage your team members to be brand ambassadors on social media. Spark authentic conversations and build relationships with potential B2B leads to create a more transparent and relatable brand image that can significantly boost your B2B lead generation efforts.

4. You don’t always need to be a “marketer”

It might seem counterintuitive, but to humanise your B2B lead generation efforts, you sometimes need to take off your marketer hat. This means not every interaction with a B2B sales lead should be about making a sale. Provide value by sharing helpful content, participating in discussions, and showing genuine interest in your prospects. These non-sales interactions build credibility and trust for forming long-term customer relationships.

More Techniques to Humanise Your B2B Marketing Campaigns

What does it mean to fully humanise your marketing campaigns? Discover practical strategies for making your B2B marketing startegies more personable and effective to ensure your audience feels valued and engaged in the section below.

Find data that streamlines your sales pipeline

Data is a powerful tool, and when used correctly, that can help you connect more personally with your B2B leads. Utilise the gathered information to guide your strategies and help you personalise your communications. Focusing on your B2B sales leads with the highest potential helps streamline your sales pipeline and make your interactions more targeted and meaningful.

Prepare architecture for aggregating, evaluating, and utilising data insights

Make the most of your data by setting up tools and processes to aggregate data from various sources, evaluate gathered information for valuable insights, and then leverage these insights to refine your B2B marketing strategies. Doing so helps you create a holistic understanding of your B2B sales leads for more personalised, human-to-human marketing.

Actively engage with your audience on social media

Social media is not just a B2B platform for promoting your products or services; it’s a place for dialogue and relationship building. Consider responding to comments, asking questions, and showing appreciation for user-generated content (UGC) to demonstrate that you value your audience’s input and are interested in what they say.

Skip the one-size-fits-all model while posting content

Use your data insights to understand the unique needs and interests of your audience segments and create content that speaks to different segments of your audience accordingly. Personalised content resonates more deeply with your B2B sales leads and shows that you see and value their individuality.

Quickly respond to customers with utmost sincerity

Whether it’s a complaint, a question, or a compliment, ensure to respond promptly and genuinely to your B2B sales leads. Prioritise empathising with your customers, thanking them for their feedback, as well as offering helpful solutions to their problems to resolve issues quickly and demonstrate your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Avoid placing branding promotions on top of the sales funnel

While brand awareness is crucial, it’s important to remember that the start of the sales funnel is not the place for aggressive branding promotions. Focus on providing value by offering educational content that answers your audience’s questions and solves their problems to build credibility. Gradually introduce promotional content as your B2B sales lead moves down the funnel.

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