The Ortus Club continues to grow in Kosovo!

An exciting opportunity to join our growing team: Hello Kosovo! Ortus Highlights
An exciting opportunity to join our growing team: Hello Kosovo!

Did you know that The Ortus Club now have offices in Kosovo? As The Ortus Club continues to grow, the company actively seeks to recruit talented individuals, providing some of the best job opportunities worldwide. With offices already set up in Rome and Manila, they look to welcome even more members into the family. What better place to expand than in the beautiful Southeast of Europe?


The Kosovo team is very excited about how fast the company is growing. They can’t wait to welcome more vital members to their team. The offices are situated right in the city centre, with a fantastic terrace with perfect views for team hangouts! Flexibility was a key factor when choosing a suitable space, as the company aims to foster teamwork, concentration, and relaxation.

Driton Hyseni is The Ortus Clubs Project Director and Team Lead in Europe. Since he was hired a few months ago, he has been a prominent figure in the Kosovo team, leading everyone to hit their goals every month! They sat down with Driton and asked him how his journey with The Ortus Club had been. 


Tell us about yourself and how you got to The Ortus Club.

My Journey was quite interesting. I like to challenge myself in different ways, even in something I have never done before. That’s how I got into the Marketing/Event Industry. It was an opportunity that I wanted to explore, and going unprepared for something new and exciting defines me as a person.

The Ortus Club allowed me to join their multinational team, and I immediately felt like I belonged here. I was welcomed in a friendly and warm environment, and I knew that this was the missing puzzle piece I’d been looking for in my career. I am forever grateful for having the chance to meet and work with such a remarkable group of people.

An exciting opportunity to join our growing team: Hello Kosovo!

What excited you the most about this new project and team?

The most exciting part of this is the chance to make a big team that works on different continents work together and smash every target in front of us. Creating the Europe operations team has been a dream come true. Finally, a plan discussed from the beginning of my journey at The Ortus Club has become a reality.

The Europe team is continually growing and on the lookout for talented individuals. We have faced many difficulties and challenges, but with the help of the incredible Ortus community, we have made this remote team work together at their best. Without a doubt, it is a very promising branch of Ortus, making this challenge even more exciting. 

How do you see the team growing over the next year?

We are multiplying. We have talented and experienced people from all over the world helping us in training and pushing the team forward. We are looking to have over 50 people in the Europe team within the following year, which opens many career opportunities for people on the lookout for a great company with an excellent working culture. The Europe Team is without a doubt a key player in our company’s growth plans. We will unveil new client possibilities and new regions to work with this team.

The Ortus Club curates knowledge-sharing discussions worldwide for senior executives. They hire all year round, looking for talented and impressive people who are flexible, organised, and have a ready-to-lead attitude. Interested in joining the Kosovo Team? Check out our Career Page for opportunities!

An exciting opportunity to join our growing team: Hello Kosovo!


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