Cloudflare Zero Trust Roadshow

November 10, 2022

9:00 am – 12:30 pm PDT

Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles


Zero Trust, Zero Nonsense: A Faster, More Practical Approach

The theory and concepts behind Zero Trust are now pretty clear. More than anything, businesses simply need easy, practical ways to take Zero Trust adoption one step at a time. So, how can your organization build a realistic plan to chip away at a security modernization journey? Sooner than they think. Transformation takes time, but adopting Zero Trust does not have to be so hard. The key is breaking it into manageable pieces.

Join Cloudflare executives and Zero Trust leaders for a half-day of stimulating discussions  as we address some of the challenges with implementing Zero Trust and share strategies for breaking it into manageable pieces. We will discuss ideas regarding:

  • What is necessary to provide simple, secure access to resources, maintain a great employee experience, and mitigate the risk of lateral movement – a favorite ransomware tactic?
  • How can companies empower IT with the SaaS visibility and security they deserve to better care for their employees, catching shadow IT before it spirals out of control?
  • How can leaders keep their workforce safe while browsing the open Internet with email security and DNS filtering, and implement measures like remote browsing to catch the missteps that almost slip through?
Why Attend?

See into the future of Zero Trust: Hear from Cloudflare’s Chief Product Officer, Jennifer Taylor, Cloudflare’s Field Technologist, Trey Guinn, Cloudflare’s Director of Zero Trust Product Marketing, Barry Fisher, special guest Shalabh Mohan, Area 1 Security’s CPO & VP Marketing, David Law, Trace3’s Practice Architect, Peter Holko, Ping Identity’s Senior Solutions Architect, and Steve Pascucci, Cloudflare’s Sales Leader – Enterprise Field Sales as they discuss how to start mapping a Zero Trust journey.

Learn from your peers: Get first-hand accounts of how to simply and effectively deploy a zero trust architecture to accelerate secure digital transformation.

Empower your IT and security teams: Experience how Cloudflare One uniquely delivers next-gen ZTNA capabilities to safeguard your organization from the most advanced attacks.


Join other leaders and business decision-makers interested in discussing how to accelerate business productivity in the face of ransomware and shadow IT and how to take a phased approach to Zero Trust implementation.

Attendance is by invitation only and complimentary. Please note your parking will be complimentary. If you decide not to drive, let us know and Cloudflare will help get you there!

The Speakers
Steve Pascucci speaker

Steve Pascucci

Sales Leader – Enterprise Field Sales | Cloudflare

Jennifer Taylor speaker

Jennifer Taylor

Chief Product Officer | Cloudflare

Barry Fisher speaker

Barry Fisher 

Director of Zero Trust Product Marketing | Cloudflare

Trey Guinn speaker

Trey Guinn

Field Technologist | Cloudflare

Shalabh Mohan speaker

Shalabh Mohan 

CPO & VP Marketing |
Area 1 Security


Peter Holko

Senior Solutions Architect |
Ping Identity

David Law speaker

David Law

Practice Architect |


9:00 AM
Arrival of guests and breakfast reception


9:30 AM
Cloudflare’s Opening & Welcome
Steve Pascucci 


9:40 AM
The Network for Digital Transformation
Jen Taylor


10:05 AM
Zero Trust Zero Nonsense
Barry Fisher


10:50 AM


11:00 AM
Area 1 Security Introduction
Shalabh Mohan


11:15 AM
Partner: Ping Identity
Peter Holko


11:30 AM
Partner: Trace3
David Law


11:45 AM
Panel: Cloudflare, Area 1 Security, Trace3, and Ping Identity
Trey Guinn


12:30 PM
Networking lunch

The Venue

Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles

701 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077, United States | Google Maps