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Harnessing digital technologies: A new era of efficiency in manufacturing

October 1, 2023 | Sunday | 12:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Harnessing digital technologies: A new eras of efficiency in manufacturing

In the current age of digtal transformation, modern technology are redefining the manufacturing sector. By harnessing the power of tools like IoT, machine learning, and cloud computing, companies are optimising production processes, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and making progress towards smart manufacturing. These digital technologies convert traditional manufacturing models into intelligent factories, enhancing operational productivity. Moreover, they provide secure data storage and promote smooth collaboration among global teams. 

The adoption of these digital innovations not only propels the industry towards the fourth industrial revolutionary but also fosters sustainability and resilience in manufacturing. Therefore, the emergency of digital technologies is indeed modernising manufacturing operations, steering them into IR4.0, a future defined by technological advancements. As the manufacturing landscaper continues to evolve with these digital transformations, one can only imagine what breakthroughs the future may hold, poised at the intersection of technological innovation and industrial excellence.

  • How is the integration of IoT and machine learning improving operational efficiency in manufacturing?
  • What role does cloud computing play in fostering global collaboration and secure data storage in the manufacturing sector?
  • How are digital transformations paving the way for the fourth industrial revolution and promoting sustainability in manufacturing?

Join leaders interestd in discussing the pivotal role of digital technology in revolutionizing manufacturing processes, their impact on productivity and sustainability, and how these innovation are steering the sector towards the fourth industrial revolution.

Job titles may include CIO, CISO, CDO, VP/Head/Director of IT, Information Security, Data, and Digtal Transformation, and other senior decision-makers.


11:30 AM
Arrival of guests and reception


12:00 PM
Welcome by Ortus Club


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Fire Site Chat


12:50 PM
Discussion kick-off by the moderator and continued by the group over lunch


1:40 PM
Discussion brought to a close


2:00 PM
Coffe, tea and networking

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