Bespoke events reign in 2024

The Ortus Club hosted an intimate roundtable discussion at The Rubens at the Palace, a luxurious hotel steeped in history overlooking Buckingham Palace. The topic? “The Continued Rise of Bespoke Events: Crafting Personal Touches in 2024.” Our co-founder, Jess Circi, and Head of Partnerships, West, Marcella Tortora, facilitated a dynamic conversation with a select group of nine marketing leaders from London’s vibrant business scene.

The topic

The Continued Rise of Bespoke Events: Crafting Personal Touches in 2024

As we look ahead to the rest of 2024, the focus of event marketing within the sphere of bespoke and targeted events is witnessing a transformative shift towards more personalised and intimate experiences. Unlike the broader reach of conferences or large-scale events, these specialised gatherings are carving out a niche by offering tailored content and interaction that directly speaks to the unique interests and needs of their audience. This evolution reflects a deeper understanding of the value of direct engagement and the importance of creating an environment that fosters meaningful connections and discussions among attendees.

This shift brings to the forefront the challenge of integrating traditional marketing wisdom with innovative strategies to craft events that not only captivate but also deeply resonate with a selective audience. The ability to create such focused and engaging experiences without relying heavily on technological advancements invites a creative reevaluation of event marketing. It emphasises the art of personal touch and the significance of thoughtfully curated content, setting the stage for a lively debate on the future directions of event marketing in the era of customisation and heightened attendee expectations.

  • What are the main challenges in balancing personalisation with scalability in bespoke event marketing?
  • What strategies are marketers today exploring to create deeply engaging experiences?
  • What does the future hold for event marketing as attendees’ expectations for customisation and intimate experiences continue to rise?

The participants

The roundtable brought together an impressive mix of marketing leaders, representing a variety of industries and perspectives. This diversity fueled a rich discussion, as participants shared their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in the realm of bespoke events.

Attendees include:

  • Director and Head of Demand Generation for Europe at ACI Worldwide
  • Chief Growth Officer of Intellect Design Arena
  • Marketing Director, EMEA at BlueVoyant
  • Director Global Marketing Communications & Content Development at Hexagon
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Senior Director of Marketing and Demand Gen Operations at Finastra
  • Field Marketing Manager at Visier
  • Co-founder of The Ortus Club
  • Head of Partnerships, West at The Ortus Club

The venue

The Rubens at the Palace provided the perfect backdrop for this thought-provoking discussion. Surrounded by elegance and a touch of royal grandeur, the attendees settled in for an evening of insightful exchange. The ambience fostered open communication and a sense of exclusivity, setting the stage for a productive exploration of bespoke events in today’s marketing landscape.

The results

The Ortus Club roundtable on bespoke events wasn’t just about identifying trends; it was about fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. The intimate setting at The Rubens at the Palace allowed marketing leaders to forge new connections and exchange practical strategies.

The discussions highlighted a clear shift in priorities. While data and metrics remain important, the emphasis is now on building deeper relationships through personalized experiences. This collaborative spirit extended to the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams – a key takeaway that emerged organically from the open dialogue.

Overall, the roundtable served as a platform for marketing leaders to share challenges, celebrate successes, and collectively shape the future of bespoke events in the ever-evolving landscape of 2024 marketing.

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