Maximising Returns for Bespoke Corporate Events: Insights from the Marketing Leaders’ Roundtable Dinner in London with The Ortus Club

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The Ortus Club held a roundtable dinner for leading marketing leaders in London to discuss innovative strategies essential to stay at the forefront of the event marketing industry. This exclusive gathering explored maximising ROI through personalised, focused events, reshaping B2B marketing, as well as the increasing importance of LinkedIn in sales and advocacy.

London, June 20, 2024—Marketing leaders gathered for an intimate roundtable dinner at The Rubens at The Palace in Central London to explore the cutting edge of event marketing. This invite-only gathering brought together visionaries and decision-makers eager to discuss innovative strategies and emerging trends that are reshaping the landscape of event marketing in 2024 and beyond.

The roundtable dove deep into the meaning of event success beyond short-term ROI. The executives emphasised the shift towards tailored, intimate B2B gatherings that foster meaningful connections and long-term relationships. This approach proves more effective in driving business growth despite challenges in measuring immediate results.

Diving deeper into The Ortus Club’s exclusive knowledge-sharing event

The Ortus Club’s very own co-founder, Jess Circi, moderated a dynamic discussion on the evolving landscape of bespoke events and the relationship between sales and marketing departments in 2024. Attendees explored the shift towards more intimate, tailored experiences in event marketing, contrasting with traditional large-scale conferences.

The dialogue centred around integrating traditional processes with innovative strategies to create memorable, insightful, and relevant events that keep sales targets at the core of their objectives. Guests shared insights on the opportunities presented when collaboration between sales and marketing truly happens and the importance of placing sales objectives at the very core of every marketing occasion.

Key themes addressed included overcoming personalisation-scalability challenges in bespoke events, current strategies for creating engaging experiences, and the future of event marketing amid rising expectations for customisation. This future-forward conversation highlighted the growing importance of thoughtfully curated content and personal touches in shaping the future of event marketing.

Marcella Tortora, The Ortus Club’s Head of Partnerships, also attended the event, contributing valuable insights from her extensive experience in the field. Her participation underscored the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and fostering meaningful connections within the marketing community.

Main insights from the forefront of the B2B marketing evolution

How Can We Effectively Measure Event ROI?

The group explored nuanced approaches to measuring event success beyond simple metrics. While closed deals remain important, there’s growing recognition that the true value of events often extends beyond immediate financial returns, especially when sales cycles exceed typical reporting periods.

What’s the Ideal Marketing-Sales Collaboration Process?

Discussions highlighted the critical importance of alignment between marketing and sales departments. The group noted how marketing team performance can vary significantly based on reporting structures, with direct reporting to sales sometimes yielding different outcomes than other arrangements.

        How Does C-Suite Representation Impact Marketing?

A key point of discussion was the transformative effect of having a CMO on the board of directors. Participants shared experiences of how this level of representation can elevate marketing’s strategic role and influence within organisations.

        Are Current Success Metrics Fair to Event Marketing?

The roundtable expressed the fairness of judging event success solely on short-term ROI and deal closure. Many voiced concerns about the disconnect between one-year evaluation windows and longer B2B sales cycles, calling for more nuanced success criteria.

        What’s the Role of Personal Branding in Sales?

Attendees noted the rising importance of sales professionals’ LinkedIn profiles as powerful communication channels. This trend is reshaping how companies approach organic search and word-of-mouth marketing strategies.

How Are Marketers Adapting to Outreach Challenges?

Although currently less popular, virtual events are predicted to regain prominence. These events are beneficial when large groups need to be convened, or budget constraints limit physical venue possibilities. However, selling the concept of virtual roundtables to sales teams remains challenging.

         What Are the Main Budget Concerns in Event Marketing?

With email open rates declining and GDPR constraints, marketers are increasingly turning to partnership-driven outreach strategies. This approach is helping overcome traditional communication barriers and expanding reach in a compliant manner.

Tailoring corporate events for executive success with The Ortus Club

The Ortus Club stands as a leader in exchanging insights and practices to foster collaboration, innovation, and success. To uphold their commitment to executive knowledge-sharing, The Ortus Club offers exclusive invitations to premier events held in some of the world’s most prestigious venues. At these gatherings, industry leaders engage in deep discussions on pressing trends and explore the development of new practices that honour tried and tested processes.

Participants in The Ortus Club’s corporate events gain unparalleled access to peer insights and industry trends, arming themselves with the tools to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. The carefully curated nature of each Ortus Club event ensures that every guest acquires access to real-world strategies and case studies that are relevant to their own contexts.

The Ortus Club provides a neutral, pitch-free environment that creates an intimate atmosphere for decision-makers to gather and share knowledge on relevant topics. To learn more about how you can host your event or attend one of our knowledge-sharing roundtables, visit The Ortus Club website.


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